Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

after mch anticipation (almost a year to be exact), i finally watched the 5th installment. Fair sized volumed and I see how they had to combine certain scenes while completely doing away with others for time constraints...removed quidditch and included the kissing under the mistletoe. ...anyway, i'm always lame and i like lame things so I LOVED IT.

*spoilers*...a bit bit oni la.

i practically started to tear the moment sirius appeared and when he and harry embraced each other after such a long period of time and after so mch pain and fear. damn emo wei!!! winking here and there summore. but then i can c how mch daniel radcliffe has matured in his acting skills (thou not mch). at least he's way more natural in this movie and he did portray the sufferings and pathetic looks really well. thumbs up to Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)...i shudder everytime she starts speaking and her stoned face is very convincing. loved her. Imelda Staunton (Dolores Jane Umbridge, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Magic) so reminds me of Ms. Muthusamy. jst that she's not always clad in pink outfits and thank god we do not have detentions, slicing our own hands. Gary Oldman was...*sobs*...SO GOOD!!! *shakeshead*. he was so compelling, after so many hours when i'm currently watching back The Prisoner of Azkaban, the sight of him makes me wanna cry. awwwwwwwwwww. the Twins were the best la of all. charming, great accent and even greater, they had a haircut. rupert should start learning from them. oh and he looked really sweet, always by harry's side (despite always being marah-ed)

and mr he-who-has-no-nose...i didn't remember him being so brawny in the book. he practically had the body of vin diesel in dirty robes. hmm...and the kenot wei. nvr even explain abit. i did not reread the book this time and everyone was asking wat's with the prophecy. ...i oni remember 5% of that book. but most of it were already in the movie. i is prouds. *lalala*

katie leung sumthing to her hair. cos it makes her face look blady broad. which totally reminds me of myself currently cos i think we have the exact same hairstyle, jst that mine's gold and...sumbody should do sumthing to her accents. i still dislike Michael Gambon the current Dumbledore. he doesn't look as powerful. OH! and god bless Dudley. he grew up to be absolutely disgusting, to the extend i guess the dementors would rather have the soul of a pig than him. Dudley, not the actor in person. but i dun think there's a difference. heh!


congratulations to me for getting ONE FREAKING POINT for creative strategy--- the 30 ads i did, only 1 of them was accepted. many got 0. sum even got negatives and he's not at all showing any signs of mercy. another 30 this week. crazy.

quite a success this week thou. about 90 out of 200 students turned up for class. 1/2 of it left in the middle and the rest were dozing off. toking about missing classes (for good reasons)...hah. sleeping in class, is always better than sleeping at home.

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