Friday, May 4, 2007

Curse of the Chocolate Brownie

as wisky and i have been craving for a session for the past few months (but couldn't due to a certain unavoidable reasons like internship, weight lost regime *failed of course*, layaning of the bfs that isn't always around, getting more sleep and etc...we finally couldn't endure our desires for the chocolate brownie and so off we went to bangsar for it.
but then we mistakenly, blurly and regrettably tot it wasn't yet opened at bangsar village and famished minds do not think straight. we went to sakae sushi without further asking about it. how intelligent!!

so after a few hours of overpowering ourselves with sushi and tauhu, we walked around snapping pix and acting as if we were rich tai tais going into designer boutiques. siao price man. left immediately. then!! HORROR!!! DELICIOUS WAS OPENED!! RIGHT BELOW SAKAE!! so we decided we will have our brownie anyway and we went to the curve after all the jalaning and shopping all over.

called lynnie and she left her karaoke session with her dancing-queen mom and friends to join us. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

great photography skills yo!

searched for nat's photoshoot heels. but then too strappy. too tight. too slutty. so decided that i shall come back nxt week for another look. :D

then hopped over to U-Optics for cons. i got groovie green. but nt everyone realized i have x-men eyeballs.

the eyes of...the banana...*nina o bruinen, dan in ulaier*

the more u can't have them, the more u crave. i wan ice-cream cake and strawberry-banana smoothie. fuck

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