Thursday, May 17, 2007

the clock starts to tick

i have a lot of countdowns to do...!!! which is really exciting the shit out of me...
first of all the pig's coming back in like lesser than a week (and congrats babeh for scoring a flat! darn fucking proud of that...thou ur msg woke me up from my sweet rainy afternoon nap)...then the monkey's oso got a confirmed date and tat'll b on the 21st. i remember yo! then there's si mou jai...WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!! i can see all the K sessions and non stop yakking coming by...and the nearest is of course...shanghai, tat's less than 24 hours away. *px looks blankly in the air*

i hate flying. i jst hope the pill will knock me out for a couple of hours like when it did in doze off b4 it starts flying and to wear off after it touches down. please...jst for 6 hours...HOLY MOLY! 6 HOURS IS TERRIBUS!!! *cries* i have not started packing, my room is in a terrible mess (its always in a mess la...but when i think it's a mess, it's bad), i can't buy the bodyshampoo i used while in HK *cries even louder*, i wnt have bubble with me, no crunchyroll with me, no prince with me and stanley with me. sigh

i realize i've been very into S'ses' lately. first there's the prince, then there's Shawn, then comes mr.Stanley...and then Shanghai...oh...and Sushi that i ate 3 times for lunch and dinner jst last week. to pack. cu all...nxt week. wallpaper!!

DROOL OR NOT?!?!?! DROOL HOR!!! damn 18sx rite...damn suka. WAHAHAHAHA

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