Saturday, December 2, 2006

sleep baby sleep

my sleeping hours have all gone haywire--- which happens everytime holidays begins. but it's not even the holidays now and therefore, i sit awake all nite watching downloaded stuff, chatting bitchily on msn and also asking everyone i think is artistic to turn up a fantastic idea for me for the coming finals.

and when it was finally done last nite, i went to bed...early in the morning (b4 the sun was up :D)...and i had the most violent nightmare i havne't had in years. ---> excluding those about snakes and tsunamis that pop up once a while while i have naps.

like the tv ads that i'd done, my dreams switch from scene to scene and everything does not connect. at one point, i was playing netball, i suppose, with a bunch of guys and i kept winning. (and to win, u do not have to reach for the net. jst throw it onto the rugby! touch and win...fabulous!). next, i was sitting on a bench watching basketball with a bunch of friends i can't really remember who. bt there was timmy hung and gf right bside me and i was happily yakking away with them. and suddenly i saw this green monitor lizard with huge flippers hanging on the electric cables on top of the railway track. where the track came from, i dunno. and there were more and more and started stinging everyone with their tails. and then poof!, i was in this room where i was left alone and i had a strange feeling the 'dragons' would come therefore i intelligently decided to close all the windows and doors b4 they make it in bt ironically, the windows and doors all have gaps and b4 i knew it, they were all in the room, stinging a couple (who both suddenly turn up to save me from being stung). then i ended up in the sea. always dreaming i was a fantastic swimmer and this time, no difference. i was swimming away from sumthing. but do not know what. all i knew was it was an fucking open sea and i was BACKstroking towards nowhere and the tornado was hitting towards me. i dove beneath to the bottom and hugged a pillar to avoid being blown away (fantastic!). and the next thing i knew, a few hundred years have past and sumhow titanic came into view saying jack dawson is still very mch alive cos the salt in the sea keeps him youthful...and thank yous to all the gods in 'journey to the west', daddy started banging on my door asking why i was still asleep in the evening. and i awoke!! :D

HEY! it wasn't my fault. those dragons and the change of locations and the swimming kept me tired. and now i'm alone at home cos the parents went on a pre xmas shopping spree wherelse i'm stuck home, preparing for a freaking final paper on monday. *sfx- oliver twist: WHERE EH EH EH EH, IS LOVE'.

it's getting dark and the holes and gaps that i have in the house exposes me to the ferocious beasts hanging on electric cables. *shivers*...WHERE EH EH EH EH IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rewind---> yesterday was an auspicious day @ gao-dim-day. all my contracts for internship have been signed. i've taken my exam slip and my ads are quite done. and the most importantly, NAT'S WEDDING BANQUET IS CONFIRMED: MANDARIN PALACE, FEDERAL HOTEL.

smokin hot place with golden dragon and phonixes carved all over the walls and pillars and chairs and lights and toilets etc. chinese music, good chinese dimsum and food, burning chinese tea with swirling smoke and...waitresses and waiters in coats. so not into the environment. bt anyway, the place is perfect for a wedding. family tradition. *grins*

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