Monday, November 13, 2006


both assignments done. one presentation to go. it'll be a good one. promise. ;D

rebranding play-doh was tough. i'm not saying others weren't but even GTO said it was a challenge and we successfully handed in a thick book of ideas in like...3 days? blady awesome. i've never gotten banned so many times. and thanx to the topic we chose, i'm back to squishing play-doh every now and then leaving bits and pieces in my fingernails and visiting the website so often cos it has little ponies in it. and their games are so retarded everyone should play when u feel u're useless. confirm u feel better after that.

responses from the ppl?
from the family except mommy- 'think u better change the color of the cupboard.'
'nothing special in the placement of the pix and characters'
'wat so nice? nothing special about it' ---> THIS was from the FATHER

deena---> cantik!!! i think i'll set as wallpaper. my bro will like
maharaja bh---> i think mayb u can add sum dots. bt the colors are very attractive. (he gave countless ideas)
newly-knwn-as-jin---> ok ar...very gwaai.


the negative was what i did.

the positive was what i got after i handed the whole piece of junk to si mou to edit for me.

she said---> how u wan me to edit? quite hard to edit wor.
*telling me in a nice way cos i was overstressed---> so ugly. how to change?* she did it anyway. framed my pix and change the fonts and this and that all the way in Chicago and POOOF! i had sumthing proud of to hand in.

but then anyway, presentation's coming up next thursday. GOOD LUCK BABES!

once upon a time back then after struggling for 2 days, i came up with a poster that made 2 persons say i should frame it up, 1 saying that he'll set it as his wallpaper and the highest among sum ppl. *damn 7 mengade*


fuck. i jst found an ant floating on the soya bean+beancurd+glutinous ball i tapaoed from ss2. NEVER EVER MIX EVERYTHING TOGETHER!! SUCKS!!!!!


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