Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Because I can now take photographs like this!

And this!

And this!!!

Alright, the caterpillar isn't very Christmas-y after all. But, hey! I risked my life taking it.
It could've farted or spat at me and blind my already partially futile eyes.

Can I now be a NatGeo photographer?

Apparently, caterpillars are as blind as me...and they're a good source of protein. O.o

Whaaa the heck am I talking about. I'm just updating this for the sake of doing so.
Year's closing in, I'm not jinxing the remaining 2010 so I'm keeping mum until the clock strikes 12 to 2011.

But, it's been goo...ok no *shush*

I know. I'm just shallow and superstitious. *flips hair*

Everyone go do something stupid and mindless before we call it a year.
I did.

I became a bear.


No but really, the tree's up.
I swear I did not touch a single ornament. Which is the ultimate reason as to why...

It looks fucking pretty.

The leaning tree of Peanutxz.

Video in a bit.
Guess what song? Anyone with the correct guess gets a free Caterpillar.


  1. caterpillar. no thanks! i know wat song! hmph! haha! eh that caterpillar looks so nice. so healthy hahaha!

  2. THAT...was fast!!!
    And yes...enlarge it. Friggin close shot.


  3. Nice Xmas tree!

    The photo with the teddy bear was taken in Mid V?

    Which camera did you use to snap those photos?

  4. Haha thanks. Mom did it.
    Ah yes Midvalley. Climbed in and had everyone staring at my weird face when my friend snapped that pic lol. Using a Canon 450D.

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