Monday, November 29, 2010

Apparently...she's 95.

I always believe that my grammama is waaaay older than she is.
You know how people tend to register their kids later than they're supposed to back then.

According to Mommy, popo's NINE-FIVE.
Don't get me wrong, that's a really big number.
But I personally believe she could be a centurion.

For all you know, she probably was a friend of Dumbledore before she came to Malaysia.

Saang Yud Faai Lok, POPO!
And you got it right! I'm Ah San *pats head*

Every wrinkle represents a smile

Now, stop smiling everyone.
Ok, just kidding. This lady only smiles upon request.
One heckuvva diva if you're asking me.


On a serious note, Secret Recipe should really get someone Chinese literate to partially run their business.

Because to be honest, I think I'd have written better with my left toe.

And the last thing I remember before the day went down the drain.

A guitar, 2 voices, 2.5 hours.
I thank the bacteria that they decided to attack later.


  1. what cake is that, it looks sooo good! :D and HOW CUTE IS YOUR GRAN!? :D :D :D happy birthday to her! i love my gran, hope she sticks around for a long damn time. and yeahhh, i know my mom means well it's just... sometimes, she really gets under my skin and i snap. thanks though (:

  2. Erm..I's...caramel. No idea the leaking scares me LOLOL!

    Ho yeah! I snap a lot too. Cos we're brought up this way ooh laa laa! ;)

  3. haha the chinese writing is really bad...haha and your popo is still energetic from the picture she laugh!!!

  4. HAhAH! My cuzzie said...'Popo, siu!!' And so she did. LOL

    Happy Christmas, darl!