Monday, November 22, 2010

All Smiles

All smiles.

Dear Twenty-Three,

I've been thinking of a little something to say to you since sprawling on my bed at 1a.m.
It's now 1.51a.m

I can't think of any but thank you for treating me safe and well.

Now...we've been schizo for more than a year now, with me in denial since the clock struck 12 to the year 2010. I hung on and had you surface whenever the age question arises...because until probably about 20+ hours back, Twenty-Four still sounded awful.

It's official now. We don't. want. to. be. Gollum.
I can finally push you off the cliff. *evil smirk*

Nah jokes.
Sit back and try watching how the newbie attempts to at least try scoring something more in the year ahead. Are we on the verge of something great? Pfft, the elves might know because in all honesty, I'm still as lost as all our pasts have been.

But I sense something more.
I sense a stint of delirium starbusting from within.

What is it, you ask?
Twenty-Four will tell. Soon. I guess. I mean...yeah it'll be great. O.O

So, thank you for being nice. For being brave enough to kick-start a couple projects worth taking note of and thank you most of all, for molding who Twenty-Four would be.

Now, pray hard, because if you're asking for some hard truth, all those emanating power that created this post might be...god-forsaken ideas that'll make everyone go...

Wha.Da.Fak. She's doing it again.

But hey, that's who we are, ain't it?

Happy Birthday, Peanutxz.
Be all smiles.

P.S: I can pretty much validate the fact, that I can be all intoxicated by warmth and happiness, WITHOUT booze and loud music.
THAT' achievement.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! See you tonight ;)

  2. happy birthday you! (: have a good one.

  3. babe, let's hope 24 will bring us both lots of excitement and fulfillment! muahhh me love you long time!