Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wai-Si-Gei's Birthday Bash

Happy Bootday Ang Jin Wen!!

celebrated at Itallianies. surprisingly, everyone turned up. how sweet!! so 15 of us took up the entire area at the end of the restaurant and a couple who sat there before we reached moved away cos i think we were making too much noise. teehee!!

makan byk. actually tak byk. shared a carbonara with fei and picked from here and there. the food was damn damn kao rich. and every now and then, francis would flash past my mind telling me...'no oily food!!'...fuck

started camwhoring again but i din like my hair so i took hold of the cam and started snapping. the waiters and waitresses sang the burfday gal a song...but not as happening as friday's thou. so we started the cantonese version of the song and erm...'ah lianned and ah benged' for 5 mins. it was a total blast. everyone felt embarrased. but it was so damn fun! hahahah...we bot her a few slices of cakes from secret recipe...and one of it was durian.

*note---> DUN eat that. DUN!

after that, almost everyone bsides those who stayed a bit further and those who had their boyfrens waiting for them, went to redbox in sunway.

gilerness...many smoked. we choked. but we still sang happily til 3++am.

proudly, i drove home, following kuan kitt's car. :)

we reached home safely...thank god. ;D

kesimpulannya, i love ang jin wen. i hope ang jin wen loves me too. WAHAHAHAHHAHA

*mingyang, BOOTDAY GAL!!, sooyin, pig, me, kenn
**mei-ee, yookie

*gimsue, tt, yookie, me

went swimming with tt and yookie yesterday after class. was having fun at the jacuzzi until i slipped and kicked the edge of the pool. as i'm used to slipping and kicking and being kicked(jk!)...i couldn't care less and went on with the slides. as i slid down, i felt a sharp pain. lifted my big toe...DING!! cracked the nail. pulled it off and saw the flesh inside. haih...thanx to first-aid, i bandaged it and took a pic...WAHAHAHHAHA

i have 5 toes...and they all look like fingers. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...or mayb my fingers look like toes...anything la...HEHE

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