Wednesday, October 7, 2009

this time last year

i had puffy lids that lasted almost a week only able to be concealed by an eye liner with the thickness of a marker pen.

becos magmag died.

okla it's max, my chubby, furry, non-stop eating pup if you were wondering wat the heck.
it hasn't been easy, at least right until this moment i don't feel like owning another 4-legged pet...MAYBE at least for the next 50 years too. unless it's a cameleon? or a mark chao that walks on fours. WOOT.
having the parents drive past her shady, green, well fengshui-ed grave wondering if anyone would have dug her up accidentally cos the grass there is slightly greener, is like slicing a wound over and over again with a blunt knife.

nola kidding. it took me a couple months to get over it. what i just wrote is just for the sake of writing. kan saya ni corp comm exec. tambahan pula sekarang ni pms, kenalah flaunt sikit ke-emoan.

BUT i wouldn't forget how the water bill was 20% lower cos i could practically use my tears in replacement, how the monkey msged me daily to ask if i'm ok and reminded me over and over to NOT watch marley and me (which i did and nearly plunged into depression - moral of the story, listen to the monkey) and almost calling the police thinking i was SO close to an intruder cos i couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. the aftermath of crying...fuh traumatizing. quasimodo without the need of makeup and special effects.

probably even worst.

but i seriously believe it doesn't really matter anymore. cos:
1) she's gone. great memories live. not that we're gonna keep her bones and pamerkan on the wall oso.

to all those that touched her grave just because...
may a chinese-crested poo on ur face and flow deep into ur nostrils


TO MAX *raises glass*

oh sorry this is not her.

there. awesomesauce.


  1. babe, I know how you feel. Until now, everytime i have the urge to buy another pup, i will feel guilty. Like i'm cheating on oscar. wah..

  2. i still dare not step near max's burial site :P i drive pass, look at it and the lump in my throat is as big as the pile of poo anne lets out in the morning! :P

    i might seem like the one that is least affected by her going to heaven.. truth is, i bawl non stop at night when i'm in bed.. wahlau.. emo sial.. hehehe..

    and yes, no pet pls... until honey grow olds enuf to pester for one! :D

  3. lynnie- babe. remember u called me to ask how i was? omg susah i tell u. wanted to jst drive down and hug kao u. so sedey. LOL. oscar and max mite b mating in heaven now. osmax. FUH! WAHAHAHA

    natnat- WE IS SAME GENES. EGO!! and i know. we dun show too mch. unlike mi. fail.

    and dun rear dogs la. i'll train honey to like exotic animals. like a chameleon. YES!