Friday, September 11, 2009

this shudn't be happening...

everyday i plant myself before the computer waiting for some random thoughts to flash past my mind just so i can transform them into words and blurt them out over here.

FYI, to my very few readers, nothing's wrong with your computer if u're still avidly returning to read my random atrociously vulgar posts and noticed a step missing. i've just unlocked it cos i believe i wont be bitching as much as i did previously. oh well and i think i'd be the only one reading all these jibberish so to myself, welcome back to the open space. XD

i'm pretty satistfied with my current job really. -.-.

ok i confess. i did feel miserable and dejected the first couple days ranting on twitter every 5mins about how solemn the whole environment is made me yearn for my ex colleagues' presence awfully. but like wat the ex-art director said, "take it as a si man boot camp lo. big gal d k". yes, papa.

besides feeling rather incompetent, intimidated and still struggling to adjust to the whole corporate system, i have no complaints. OH WAIT yes i do. i can't msn. they allow skype though but only 1.89510% of those within my contacts have it. wtf.


THAT...was writting approximately a week ago.
i vowed that i'd blog more considering i'd need to ensure that i do not falter. especially when i'm talking to my bosses. cos i tend to. it's like i'm some retarded child. oh wait i am. *.*

FAIL. wrote a couple lines and was distracted hence continuing now.

it's been 3 weeks since...(sunway i mean)
work's tight but manageable.
i'm still very slow. i even confessed to the boss. nola not say i love u. i dun always do that ok. thou it mite happen every now and then. XD
i can still manage my datelines.
by staying up really late just so i can finish that few pieces of articles and letters. i'm pretty sure real writers can do it within like...30mins? 20? 10 perhaps? :S...right babi? munkie? theo if u're still reading?

le sigh.

i shall read more movies and watch more books. i mean...u know what i mean. *flips open calvin&hobbes and switches to starworld for simpsons* XD

notable highlights @ work:
1) the boss goes around telling everyone...'she's 22 oni u know!!! looks so matured rite?!' - shush my bday's oni in nov so i'm still 22 legally!...despite accepting the fact that i look awfully old for my age, the catastrophe hit when i had to go to thestar for a forum and everyone met my mama. fact that mommy is hotter than me despite being thrice my age is not the worst, she...she...probably looks younger than me when i'm in office wear. *officially plunges into depression*. i'm gonna go police training. then i can wear uniform. haih

2) she also says...'this xiao jie hou sik duc wan lo!!' which means i can blady eat. -.-...fact is...i need to munch when i have to think and i have cravings when i'm stressed. therefore, cinnabbon has been the antidote to my deprivation. furthermore, i can share it with everyone in hopes that they'll love me more. XD

LOL. the boss is funny. so much better than the cranky old wan. *ok dun jinx dun jinx*

3) i finally solved the mistery. besides being paper free, the entire building is oso kaninechaochibainiamommysohprawn free of vulgarity. took me sum time to get used to the professionalism. the worst i've ever encountered would probs be: crazy ar. -.- ...reason being - u get disciplinary action if caught swearing. nono...u cud be fired. diuuuuuu...

4) the colleague has a collection of 911's greatest hits.


5) i have acccess to youtube. SWEEET. do u think i can make an acquisition for msn too?


now i shall sleep. the pressure's coming back.


  1. Glad to know that you're coping really well there *hugs*

    And no, it doesn't take me 10-30 minutes to finish articles and letters. Well, it used to but I guess I slowed when I realize working really fast just means you get more work :P

    We need to meet up next week *hugs*

  2. Awww. ur msges nvr fail to put a smile to my fatface!! Mwah mwah mwah!

    Finally an end to all da late nites n sufferings! drive to sunway kita berlunch boleh? I missshhhh u!!!

    Cu later okayyy! Wear another cute hairband!! I know u cant wait to see me in sexy secretary outfit. Sizzzlleeesssss

  3. Haha no one swears there huh, i can imagine how hard it is for u to adjust :p

    n u don't look old la..ur recent hairdo proves tat

  4. no la.. you dont look old, just a wee bit older than me! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. jk jk :P

    u get warnings for swearing in company!?!!?!? SURE BO?!?!??!

    omg.. i'm so da sien in office! SOOOOOOOOOOO SIEN!!

  5. wurn- LOL. speaking of which, i need a cut soon. LETS MEET! HOLS NOW!!


  6. babeeee... err. I don't have anything to comment abt your post. But I just want to make my presence known in case you have forgotten my name and the person who apparently owns it. :)

    Rinduu gile babi!

  7. apasal tiap-tiap kali pun buat saya nangis terharu siut?!! RINDUUU GILER BaBI TOO DARLING!!!!! mwaaahhhhhhhh

  8. i wish i take 10-30 min to write some stuff. i usually dilly-dally, get distracted by shiny & bright things, write a line, twiddle my hair, continue to write, chat.....

    i should get back to blogging, though only a few souls read it ;p