Friday, September 4, 2009


sometimes, problems can only be solved when confronted face to face

or at least initiatives are taken to overcome it.
and its a blessing that the other party accepts it with an open mind...and peace? WAHAHAHA

shot this on the way back from the office. cantik kan?! from a certain angle la.

i was so glad it's a friday and i could leave before the sun sets entirely i stopped at a kiosk nearby and got myself a magnum, wasabi twisties, kitkat and ribena. whacked 'em all wei. mcb.

oh it's been a while since i've spat any foul words at anyone. not including the facebook chats with sidney'm clean. the colleagues dun even sigh when they're stressed. they should be given the agency training. at least they'd sound slightly normal.


happy holidays everyone. 72 hours or non-stop lazing is blady appealing...enthralling. AWESOMESAUCEEEEE.


  1. yes.. magnum, wasabi twisties and all those rubbish when u;re still on antibiotics! someone pls whack the sense out of this peanut pls!! *hands on waist-lecturing mode*

  2. speaking of antibiotix, i havent completed da course. Daym. I officially allow my hollow head to be smacked in an open mode. :(...