Monday, November 9, 2009


ok i'm officially doing it.
fuck jaw reconstruction surgery, i shall remain the asian keira knightley.

mind u, i drove myself to the clinic, spoke to the doc myself, made the options myself, got both my teeth extracted (not done by myself of course, thank god), and drove home all the myself too. clap ur hands pls. a lot of blood lost there k. XD.
and paying myself too. *BAWLS*

notes worth mentioning: (from peanutxz's pov)

- get a doctor that sounds convincing rather than a doc that is scientifically and technically proven correct but freaks the shit outa u that all ur teeth will just fall out by just looking at their faces.

- teeth extraction IS NOT PAINFUL. the aftermath is.

- line ur bed with macintosh if needed cos ur lips will be numb from the anesthetics u wont feel all the saliva dripping until u look down and realize u're almost drowned in ur own drool.

- if u're afraid of blood (like me...SHUSH!! dun mention my first aid qualification), get lke 2 sacks of gauze so that u can discard the soiled ones every 15min alternately. WHY? lemme tell u my story yah...i was resting on my bed after the extraction cos the father said i needed to. after hour i guess, i tot it'd be good to bathe cos i drooled lke a retard and the taste of blood on the gauze is kinda gross la. den as i removed the gauze, i spat out an amount of blood that seemed enough to satisfy a dying vampire. not only that, i swallowed a whole gulp later. in an instant, the toilet started spinning...i tot i successfully mastered the art of apparation. salah. had to squat nicely under the shower to bangunkan myself thinking what i shud do. would i collapse? NOOOOO collapse oso pakai baju dulu pls. den i shot up, wrapped myself with my towel, dashed to the parents room and jumped onto their bed. drenched. the mother had to cover my with another towel, father had to dry my hair and den...they went for dinner. -.-. so much love i tell u. i was fine after a while la but i shall learn to live with that humiliation forever.

- dun eat bread. u need strength to chew it off. go for things like sweet and sour tofu, steamed eggs + shredded scallops, abalone porridge (throw the abalone. the essence is all in the porridge), buddha jumps over the wall (just the soup yah ignore the ingredients)...what else?
ok just kidding. take porridge oni la what u think. diu.

- have food prepared everytime. cos no solid food down ur arse = TAK MAKAN. by the time u're hungry, u're fucking hungry and u can't eat fast = kantoi.

ok too much that...i haven't even attached my braces yet.
next appointment wud be on the 19th.
i know my theme for this year's bday...


sank you.

what color should i do? pink? ev said lilac. i say black den i'd be like jack sparrow.

the doc that extracted my teeth looked pretty cute. OMG HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK. *runs*


  1. wahahah~ funny pls ur post..and i realised banyak "pls". sounded so familiar~ it light blue bah~ or purple..nice pls~

  2. oh fren like to use pls. u wanna meet her? she's a bit siao in the head wan. name fei yin. eh sounds lke ur name hor? XD

    omg deng lame sial pls.

    purple ar...oni the bands can change color meh?

  3. cis~ wat u want to change colour..the bands that will be change everytime u go "fuk chan" ma...
    takkan the metal.. metal is stick to ur teeth like forever until the day dentist decided to remove ur braces.
    alright. bye

  4. omggg.. u really got vampire teeth!! panjang sial!!!!!!!

    and i still thought it was dumb-dumb of u to go to the dentist urself. dont pull stunts like that ever again! get anne to go with u! wahahahaha

  5. i also wanna do~~~~but takut~~~
    if i really decide to do, i will do in malaysia. here is freaky expensive!!!

    but compliment to you...BRAVE *pui fuk*

  6. finance - yeah i jst realized the colors are from the bands. i tot its the metal itself ROFL. i think i do gold la.
    XD *walks away*

    nat - ask anne anne to dance sorry sorry?!?!?! i did ask ok sum1 to teman. di said no need. hmph

    pauly - go do la! eh wait u mean do braces or jaw reconstruction? braces enuff la. do in germany i wonder how mch.

  7. i just wanna do braces. jaw reconstruction??? wait until i got thousands of salary every month first la...teeheeehe...

    for normal checkups and surgeries are FOC in germany, cause paid by insurance company. but these 2 OPs are considered as plastic surgeries which are for beauty purposes. so...the insurance does not covered. it costs up to 10 RIBU EUROS :S so it worths more if i do in malaysia (excluding if it doesn't kena tax at the germany's airport *double :S*)

  8. den come back oni do la so mafan. not that urs damn bad mer. oh or get sponsor. the bf. ROFL

  9. i have to dream first la....i pay myself ar....therefore i wanna do in malaysia :P

  10. So which dentist did you end up going to?

  11. nat nat : the sharp parts are the roots la ... the teeth is the one at the top part!
    btw, bravo u px the brave ...! :D