Thursday, November 12, 2009

the ultimate fate with the toilet bowl

my leng chai e71 fell into the toilet bowl.
i thought it's a note worth mentioning.
it's so emofying i almost cried. i mean can u imagine how it feels to slip off, crash hard onto the surface of the squatting bowl, slide off, down the dark stinking well and sink right down a hose of filthy disposal?

2 words: traumatizing...and claustrophobic.
le sigh.

ok the toilet was clean when the mishap happened. so no shit no wee.
i hope the previous user flushed. :S

i couldn't reach the bottom, (yes i took off my coat and reached for the shithole if you're wondering) hence i summoned the entire cleaning team for help. and thank god for sending a random bangla that was tall and thin. he sprawled on the floor, wore gloves and scooped my leng chai outa the mess. i was SO CLOSE to hugging him. but my leng chai was more important.

i thought of buying him ferrero rocher but i've not seen him since the tragedy 2 days back.

mayb he's not a worker after all.

bangla angel perhaps? so slumdog millionaire.

the phone's all dry now. but i'll send it back for servicing.
it can still be used. i managed to turn it on but...oh well i dunno if tiny bits of faeces would be stuck in between the keys. what if i speak too long and the heat melts the shit away, flows into the hardware and burn everything? GASP.

let's just hope it wont be too mahiao.

the last my possession fell into the bowl was during the trip to taman negara.
that was my specs thou.
and i'm still wearing it.
the toilet bowl loves me.


  1. eewwwwww! gggrrroooosssssss.........

  2. lol...i know right...wanna sniff? rofl

  3. oh nous!! ewwww. but now ok dy right? i can imagine the horror. actuarry, i always imagine it happening :s

  4. not ok. i havne't fixed it yet so the background is slightly fucked. got clouds. and its dimmer than it used to be. other than that its ok geh. dunno if it'll explode if i use too long? :S

    bot pants that have pockets ytday. LOL

  5. Kesian your e71! And "bangla angel" cracked me up!

    Where's mah cookies?

  6. i finally got his name today. Bahmeer or sumthing rofl!! Ur cookies are safe n tightly sealed. It shall b kept till xmas. Den il get santa post dem over okay???? XD

  7. wahahha ... the e71 mishaps! mine slipped into some unknown corner of my car while i was driving and i had to grope everywhere for it while parked in a dark basement. now i'm intimate with every corner of my car.
    BUT your story tops it, man! hurray to bangla angels!

  8. ROFL! u had to fondle every single part of it hurh! my ipod slipped off too last nite. had to make out with my little myvi under the rain just to get the ipod back. such is love. and it dawned upon me that...its time to really wash my car. WAHAHAHAHA

    i can't find the bangla still. le sigh.