Wednesday, December 30, 2009

and it closes in...

it just dawned upon me that we have approximately 2 days left before we bid our farewells to 2009.

ive been planning this post for a while now. well not precisely plan, but isn't it such a norm for all blog...writers (i'm no blogger i admit) relook into your resolutions and summarize how the entire year has been, dwell on how you've succeeded in losing or gaining 0.5kgs, finally got your hauler-flattened nose lifted, got a 0.2% raise and spent 2 months salary celebrating or if u had the best/worst intercourse ever with a random street barber?

well i've been thinking...while driving, bathing, sleeping, eating, making out, mo...ok kidding no making out but yeah that proves i think...anyway, i've only 3 stark traces of the entire year's memory that seem to really mold a spot in my absent mind.

1) i finally went wake-boarding
2) i fucking finally left bbdo (slightly heavy hearted but not even 5 celebrations could depict the joy i felt as well) AND joined Sunway (10 celebrations to complete the cycle) *pops confettis*
3) bling-ed my teeth

*runs through old posts*

well in fact, THERE ARE worthy notes *surprises self*:
- i threw a surprise party for miss cherry low that i'm utterly proud of cos the ultimate was achieved ie she bawled buckets
- gained a pilot fren (aww hero, see how much love i have for u, i'm recording this as an important part of ma life)
- high.blood.pressure...not such a memorable stint but oh needs monitoring.
- just in case anyone skipped a line above, I QUIT BBDO.
- and joined Sunway. *glimmers*
- swore i won't watch American Idol cos Adam Lambert my glamour boy lost.
- had a 3 day birthday celebration
- bot a new phone and witnessed it giving a plunge for the toilet bowl
- earned a hundred bucks just wearing red and standing beside the bride acting pretty. YES!

i'm very much looking forward to 2010.
and it struck me that, we do not need to welcome each celebration sniffing ice or doing the 5-sec feat HENCE i hereby announce *drum rolls*...i'll draw the curtains to 2009 and hail 2010 with a sober mind by raising a glass of juice and vow to brace the coming challenges and uncertainties with poise.

*sound of crickets looming*

fuck it la.
now oni say sober cos takde definite plan for tomoro.

anyhow, 2010 will be good.

Happy New Year everyone!

p.s- i do have a resolution.
someone...restore my blogging/writing abilities.


  1. remain sober while ushering 2010? hm.. i challenge u that! wahahaha

    have a great nite! :)

  2. Happy New Year! *hypnotizes Jaymee into blogging more*

  3. so did you manage to stay sober on NY's Eve? heeheehee