Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post-Holiday Depression

i look out...and i see sunshine, fluffy clouds as well as lovely green plants swaying gracefully as the serene wind blows.

*colleague shuts door*

THERE. AMBIK KAO! bangun!! back to reality!!!


penang was awesome.

despite feeling woozy occasionally especially after meals.
doc said bp ok (actually not really cos 130/80 is prehypertension. just normal for me he said cos of my pulse and my paranoia attack at the point of time. BAH) it must be the food poisoning cos i couldn't stop lao-saiing.
hence i only managed a few spoons of assam laksa and cendol. and a tiny bit of everything else. :(

oh and i had a tsunami dream. bad wan. wait not exactly bad but...i think eventually everyone sorta died and went to heaven. MEHHHH

xmas dinner on thurs.
wedding on friday.

can recover by then?

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