Sunday, December 13, 2009


ok mission to blog about the previous topics failed miserably.

i've been really busy. busy...i...
ok fail. i'm just lazy, can?

i think i'm gonna do highlights here instead la.
it's just a documentation of my fond memories when i grow old and lose my brain. prolly like the goldfield syndrome drew barrymore has in 50 first dates. so tak yahlah so detailed kan.

ok see once i start i nvr seem to be able to shut. so shush!

highlight of the week:
1) went to petaling street and ate a week's supply of food for 5 pax
2) I FUCKING GOT MY ADAM LAMBERT CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LAPS U CHERRY LOW YINNG YINNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) woke up in the morning (BLADY WORTH TWO MENTIONS)
3) started a taiwanese series cos they have more sepets...*shy*...anyway, i've completed it. HOLY COW.
4) went to nandos for dinner and realized their quarter chicken only fills a peewee portion of my appetite.

1) tightened my braces. they're now orange.
looks as thou i've leftover papayas stuck permanently in the slits of my teeth.

now who says u can't camwhore while jogging.

i can't wait for my hair to grow. it's too mahiao to maintain. *measures with ruler*...:(


on a more serious note, life's so mundane now everyday in our mails (between the few bitches that i love) are filled with words like...'boring, busy, sleepy, how? when? no money'. it just dawned upon me a couple days back that i just turned TOOTY TREE and i've been squeezing the braincells out thinking of an accomplishment that i've achieved thus far. or at least something that's worth mentioning for year 2009 (besides getting a much better job and wakeboarding BUT not mastering - i take that as a 1/2)...


quote nat: welcome to the working world.

quote px-from-about-a-year-back: to those who dislike uni life...fuck you la.

oh sorry. time of the month. and it's sunday. just wanna rant. :)


  1. wei...wanna jumpa you also susah la...send sms to you no reply, like don't wanna see me *saaaaaaaaad*

  2. Did you try the lychee muah chee from petaling street? So awesome!