Saturday, December 26, 2009


i don't usually make plans with friends on Christmas.
because it's a ritual to spend it with my papa mama sis bil and da little dinosaur.
the same goes for mid autumn, winter solstice, chinese new year etc...

yeah bite me i love ma family PTAH!

anywayysss, da dad booked a place at marriott hotel.
(note to parents if they're reading: NAH TENGOK TU! SPELLING FOR MARRIOTT HOTEL) XD

*searches for christmas pix on the computer, multiply and...)

ok i realized da christmas pix were not uploaded.

i about penang den.
it's still a christmas trip waaat...

they love me. erm...ok la there were a million butterflies there u can barely see the surrounding area and this sweetie accidentally landed on me je.

and then i was thinking, thank god they were butterflies.
can u imagine if this were to be the snake temple?

i'm pretty sure he didn't wanna go into my pants.
TEEEEEEE...kidding. my nxt job wud be a maintenance worker there. DA FLUTTERBY FARM ROX!!!

oh and i'm gonna own these things one day and name the first one colby. XD

semacam combo 'Jurrasic Park' and 'King Kong'

OOO her first popsicle.

awwwww...maciam saya kan. so cute.

and so i bot the Babana.

Penang Street. Sorry muka tulan. Not ready. XD

oh semua gambar saya je kan.
we did more than that actually. but then knowing me, i'm malas and am rushing out.
so there tengok muka cantik saya je la.

randomly, i had a tsunami dream in penang.
cos we hung out by the beach so often. and being the paranoid me, i was constantly thinking of a way we could save ourselves just in case the tidal waves come gushing in.
and then, i had another one last nite. and they came with tornadoes!

a year back i had tsunami dreams. deciphered to be having emotional distress. it depends on the consequences of the dream actually. if u kaput kena kantoi tsunami, den confirm u ade mental prob. the time the wave reached us, it lost its momentum therefore we oni got splashes of sea water. the tornadoes were even became stardust cos it spun out of energy.


Happy Christmas semua!!!


  1. not bad... so quickly updated this time! haha


    nat- ehh...xmas wan belum

  3. Haha why you cut out your sister's head in one of the pics? :P

  4. munkie- erm...i was focusing on my niece actually bt my sis tatau. Tgk balik she was smiling there boooo felt so bad rofl! Jahat kannn...

    Bilaaa makan?!