Sunday, March 9, 2008


ok honestly, i still can't believe that u have that term before ur name now.

- cos u're still the natnat i knw who used to sing dorina with me
- the natnat that wanted to bring me to sgwang when u got ur license bt then i led the way instead cos u are more road blind than me.
- cos u used to sleep on the bed slightly higher than mine and i'll keep toking until u ask me to shut up and sleep
- cos u spend every single cent on me to get watever i've always wanted
- cos u'd go for lousy movies with me starring all sorts of ppl i think look blady fucking hot and u think they suck
- cos u'll screw sum motherfuckers for me when they step on my tail
- cos u teach me how to be sarcastic calmly and freak the shit out of those bodohsings
- cos u're the oni sis that brings me out for movies and concerts and makans with ur frens when every other older siblings take their younger ones as pests
- cos we'll watch 3 sets of tvb series in 1 week until the wee hours of the morning

and most importantly, cos u're the oni auntie sis i have who has partial alzheimers and i'll always love u! :D


(it's lke u're entering another phase of ur life and i'm so excited i dun dare to mention. cos ppl say pantang ma. cis)

so kenot elaborate so mch ok.

i knw u dun lke this pic. but i love it so mch. TEEHEEE!!!


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