Thursday, August 3, 2006


datelines...ALL COMING UP!!
i had so many things to do the past week it's scary now that i have nothing to think about.

no theories, no charts, no numbers, no notes...nothing.
for the time being at least.

more coming up...soon...presentations...webpages. craziness.
taking creative media as an extended course after i get my degree is a wise idea. i dun feel like a pr student anymore. hmph!

went to sks17 with ms roomate after discussion. they serve really good tong sui there...very good baan meen and very good yau char kuay...OMG!! THE YAU CHAR KUAY IS HEAVENLY!!! keep it there for 10 hours it's still crispy. i'm munching on it now. awesome!!!

after makan...came home happily cos part of the assignments almost done and i have my yau char kuay with me althou no tong sui. then...haih. the hall was 1/2 soaked. the mattresses were wet and the weirdest thing is had not rained today. how fun!! started moving everything all over, did this did that with the rest of the ppl...

damn tired can pengsan dot com.


supposed to do sum webpage thingy for multimedia according to some storybook thingy.
dun care. i wanna do MY LITTLE PONY!!! :D yau char kuay and finger. :D

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