Tuesday, August 1, 2006


update- daddy got a new player. removable. COME REMOVE IT LA DAMN IT! ne ne ne ne ne, ne ne...


can't remember what i did on saturday.
basically nothing i guess or i would have remembered. supposed to go for durians but did not cos it was raining and blah blah blah...

sunday, went for this charity thing for an old folk's home organized by linda's church. many many people. many many hvd artistes...many many dancers...including carin. she was...damn geng. legs flying all over shaking and shaking and shaking...pengsan.

rushed to mines cos i booked tix for 'dragon tiger gate'. it was...ok. after waiting for like...so many months...it's ok oni. gt to go for it again!!! WANNA WATCH AGAIN!! IT GOT TO BE GOOD!! :D kinda bored at times but the choreography was...GOOD LA OF COURSE! another award to donnie yen GUARENTEE next year at the hkfaa.

monday morning...damn good start. was leaving home when ms roomate called...'class cancelled. dun come yah'...YAY!! BALIK TIDUR!! but anyway, i'm back here now. and piled with datelines. pfft.

this video...puts a smile on my face. check out jasmine. sweetness can pengsan.

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