Wednesday, April 18, 2007

lost biri-biri

the video below is prohibited by law.

because he 'kan juo, kan you, jai kan juo'---> 'look left, look right, then look right again' at the wrong time. he only looked after crossing the road.

Name of Shortfilm: Diversed Biri-Biri. (i knw it's not a BEbiri but it sounds better than kambing)...
Chinese Name: 3 Chaa Yeung...
***inspired by benny chan's Diversion aka 3 Cha Hau.

i think he stood before my car thinking whether to stop and ask me for direction bt i was rushing off so i had to honk at him...poor lad. take notice of him looking left and back front after i quacked my honk. he's well trained mien! at least he crossed the road safely. good luck yo!

---> the hkfa (hong kong film awards) came a little early. or i would have got best shortfilm or even themesong. instead of jay chou...who caused the rain after he performed...and astro losing signal. pfft!

mommy was quite disturbed that her relative was stuck at a diversed crossroad. ironically, we had herbal lamb for dinner!!! :D

fucking report is done. YAY!!!

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