Tuesday, April 3, 2007

working with line...

working with the internet connection = working three times slower than the usual mode.
the colleague is on a freaking long break and therefore i'm sitting at her place, at a remote corner, with a HUGE, FLUFFY, YELLOW ikea pillow on my lap, where i can do anything including surfing porn and no1 else would knw...unless d-boss comes kepoh-ing.
was surfing and typing(sub-consciously), and i had the urge to cut my hair. 60% i'd regret when the shape goes out a few weeks later and sum1 will jst kill me for losing the 6-month hardwork. and it's nat's wedding at the end of the year...but the hair would have most probably grown back by then. but the picture taking is in may...MAY!!! *px drums her fingers on the keyboard lightly thinking wat to do*
---i'd get hair extension.


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