Sunday, March 25, 2007

two weeks...TWO FREAKING WEEKS!!!

2 weeks left before the end of the 3 gruesome month.
actually, to be honest, i enjoy the environment. i enjoy working with the people in my team and i enjoy watever i had been doing even if it's jst photostating or faxing or crapshit which i had not been doing for the past 2 months cos we, it seems have gained more trust from the nice people and the awesome boss. but then things are not always perfect. there has to be one single pathetic trash that is meant to make sum1's life more miserable. and if it weren't for my report, i dunno wat mite come out fr my mouth whenever she picks on me. in fact, she oni uses me. from day1...and if she tries to ruin my report...*thinks for a moment*...wat can i do man...fuck her la.
my left shoulder muscle has been aching and for one moment i tot shingels was reoccuring which scared the shit out of me. bt dr.ravi confirmed it wasn't...*sweats*. bt then pimples that have been popping lke daisies on my huge forehead is definitely caused by stress. and there is oni 1 type of stress when i'm working. she should pay for my medical fee. *tns*

300 was cool. the vietnamese food was cool. and i'm not gonna wish u another time cos u're almost a hundred years old from all the wishes that i flooded u with. thank me dude.

THE DADDY BOT ME A NEW CAMERA!!! *jumps in joy*

and the first pic to be posted comes fr nat's new sweet home. the pretty wall-lamp.
on another note:
**u're starting to scare me. don't spoil it...please.

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