Saturday, March 3, 2007

maha eventful

i've been quite addicted to the week maha. it makes the sentence more powerful

maha cute
maha stressful

the 3 words describes my entire week bsides the weekends. mr.commons is awesomely cute. which makes my life a little more exciting cos i have a new crush. A NEW CRUSH. holy shit. 8 months b4 i turn 21 and i still have crushes...on young working men from my building (hmm...not too bad rite? teehee!!). having to be rooted bside a sub-mental case for the entire week is stressful giler babi can shall pat myself on the shoulder for surviving the entire time without going thru a mental then i guess i dun hate her. she was sweet at times...and i shall never forget the breakfast she bot me a month back. althou it was jst currypuff. :D...i shall skip the misunderstanding part. i have no idea wat happened and i hope my beloved boss stays as clearheaded as we always tot he is. i seriously think i have the best boss in the world. and i mean my immediate boss. he's one cool dude. *damn chat haai* but baja and i planned to make a flag and raise it every morning we reach the office cos he's one hot boss compared to the rest ie- giving us a week holiday for cny. *dances in excitement*

CHINESE NEW YEAR WAS A BLAST!!! it started really great besides me losing a couple dollars now and then and it ended fabulously cos i won everything back. interesting pix mostly in nat's cam so i'll post wat's uploaded into the comp. more to come!

Abalone Yue Saang *sweats*

it's taking too mch time. malas la...nxt week 1 shot la. anyway, K with the babes today was cool too. i did not lose my voice probably due to the short period of time we were given. we still had 15 mins and we were cut. 15 mins can fit 3 songs!!! blady hell...tmr lou saang again!!!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!! bt no fish. cis.
hopefully the lou saang wishes will bring me a Good Year...and to everyone else!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERIOS!
**when u're 28, u dun mind a cousin forcing u to carry ur mom's CD bag so that she can post on her blog.
happy birthday kev!!!!!

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