Friday, February 23, 2007


i've been a 'psychiatrist' for the past 2 weeks. a psychotic-therapist in full.

not to 1 person, but a a few.

from my past experiences, i'm sure my advice sounds blady convincing. I REPEAT: SOUNDS. it's part of my job that i make everything appear convincing therefore i'm proud to say i've succeeded in that. but whether it works or fact, i'm more worried than u it doesn't. :D

bt then we're happy with wat we came about at the end. so hey!! i did right. :D

p.s- my blog is wide open for u to pour ur little heart out. u knw who u are. *mwah!!!* ---> RANG WO GEI NI AN CHUEN GAN (was wat u stated in ur comment last year for my really rare emo post...WAHAHAHAHA)


lin ngau soup at 3.30am and blogging at 3.59am when it's raining outside is wonderful. it reminds me that the hols are still on, i'm home...and it's chinese new year.

in a few more days, i'd b back to work. WHICH MEANS:

- no more computer
- no more tv
- no more late nite soup
- no more family gatherings till 2-3am
- no more sleeping-in til the evenings
- no more yue saang.

the resolution of mine that has been going on for the past few years to lose weight has failed pathetically again. especially this year where apparently i'd been heavily affected by the zodiac sign of the year...therefore i started eating lke one. hmph.

pls refrain me from gobbling down rubbish from now. i dun wanna look lke a glutinous rice ball in november during nat's big day. and neither during monkey's bigbig day...okla...mayb we can delay it till after chinese new year yah. so that i can take in more pineapple tarts and biskut chilli. *grins*

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