Saturday, February 10, 2007

i dun understand...

why i have to switch to the new blog.

a week ago, i had the freedom to choose. a week later, i had to switch. i dun like switching cos i have to get used to the new format all over again. which really sucks cos after 2 weeks being away from the blog, or was it a week, i almost forgot wat my username was. dang.

the past week was absolutely relaxing...besides the rubbered snake scare and the proud announcement that i finally was able to grab if with my fingers, then my whole hand at the end of the day when they were throwing it around over my head jst for the sake of seeing my run all over. =

BLOOD DIAMOND was fantastic. i'm not hardselling leonardo dicaprio. he's one awesome sweetie who is definitely underrated.*sobs*...anyone who loves africa, loves leo or loves diamonds...please go watch. bowling on wednesday was great too!!! there were times when the ball frequently lost balance and decided to fall into the gutter but it wasn't my fault. it's the ball's fault. :D

chinese new year shopping is almost done. 2 cardis, 2 tops from zara, 1 superman tshirt, 1 long pants from east india, 1 quarter and a bag from little black book is quite enuff to last me thruout i hope...oh! and a belt that i couldn't tahan and indisciplinedly used it today to mv. :D...paid for the first meal with the parents at noodle house...cost me my left toe. bt i'm glad i paid. i is goods.

char chan teng'ing' with mr eric wang was great. besides being really late and the kissing in the ass by another kancil sumwhere near utar. everything's fine...the bumper is still fine...i hope.

love is in the air for sum people. i promised it'll be a secret. PROMISE!!! =D

**and my emails are not reaching missie chia sue lynn...I REPLIED U BABE!!! TWICE!!!!!!!!!! *frowns*

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