Wednesday, January 31, 2007

it's abnormal

when i sit down and watch tv bt end up dozing off without knowing

when i c the orange blinking msn chatbox drowning in and feel irritated

when the clock strikes 11 and i feel worried cos it's late

when i dun write in CAPS LOCK in msn anymore...and worst of all...

when the babes tell me that we mite b going to hk this coming summer and...i jst went...'oh'


work is fun but it's so the friggin tiring i'm living an old lady's life where i wake b4 the sun rises and make sure that i have my breakfast...and same goes for lunch and dinner...and make sure i'm on my bed by at least 11pm or 12 the latest so that i can have ample time of sleep. i'm not complaining though

mystical steppes was fantastic. anyone who saw me...confirm i didn't c u. cos i was miserably separated from my beloved spectacles for 3 days which equals to being blind for that long. and the only kajang familiar face i saw was aunty pat whom i gave special treatment by sending her personally to her chair at the other side of the stupid long hall eventhou the lights were still brightly lit.

and i did sumthing way beyond my expectations. given more time to think now, i wouldn't have done it. i freaking touched the 2 pythons that Maliya used for her snake dance. i poked to be exact. stretched out my shivering poor index finger (cos the other fingers were too freaked out) and poked it. ran out of the room 5 mins later after taking pix for miao and felt a bit drowsy. damn

i swear she's nt the akua from thailand. a year younger than me. gawdddd. i look lke a worn out sock bside her.

miao and the few month old burmese python that was terribly shy. i poked him/her. there were 2. bt i can't stand placing pix of them in my blog. i feel lke throwing up now.

a month ago, my nite starts at 1 after everyone is asleep. currently, at 1am...i freak out and get my ass to bed asap.

therefore, off i go. g'nite yo.

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