Thursday, January 4, 2007

OL Reporting

i'm officially working...
in 2 days, i have become a professional photostater. i knw how to photostate in all shapes and sizes, enlarge, vary in the density, double side up and also to use the L stapler

and 2 days into my work, i realized i'd b working on both saturdays and sundays. how sweet.

"Are u guys free this weekend?" asked the kind and friendly immediate boss.

Being interns, all we want is an A. even working til 13am is an i guess from this point of view, it's fine. :D

slept at a healthy and refreshing 8.50pm on the first day. We were asked to chill and enjoy our very first day and therefore no1 gave us anything to do. we sat on our personal tables (Yes! we have our own tables...AND A COMPUTER, with no internet connection) and read the entire on9 paper. top to bottom and backwards. then a kind workmate introduced us to our new partner. THE MACHINE!!! he was nice...and professional. no complains.

therefore, i'm looking forward to photostating more documents. goodnite.

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