Monday, December 17, 2007

lost in the state of divergence

the emotions have been running pretty wildly lately.
partly because it is time of the month where the hormones go haywire leaving me in complete despair and the fact that many close pals where i can rant to are all away and are going away. which also means that the plans for the little post-exam getaway is kinda called off. gone are all the food and breeze of the higher lands. christmas should b spent sumwhere cold.

and most importantly, a couple of people are driving me crazy.

it's not common that i encounter these random situations. i've been lucky enough to be surrounded by people of common interests, mindsets and behaviour...or rather we njoy the whackiness that each other portray. but some just appear to be the thorn that pricks, draining all the affection away.

1) i do not like the fact that i am not able to catch the direction that another is heading. and i totally detest when i do not know exactly the way to describe how i am feeling because i am not thoroughly sure of the source that led me into this state. stay away if you do not know too.

2) i do not give in to random tantrums. get a life.

3) i love chia sue lynn. because she can be more evil than me. HUGS HUGS BABE!! HAHAHAHA

it's the season of perpetual hope. i have never done rantings at this month of the year before!!! thank god mommy's on leave. she made chicken pie. i...nearly screwed the other words i helped!! and it makes my day. it's been a while since my parents and i did sumthing together bsides dining and shopping. the xmas tree should b up soon so that i can stare into it as long as i want to when emo-ism strikes.


**updated--- i is a happy gal cos the pie tastes fucking awesome, i bitched about everything i could and natnat is back!!! WHOOOPPIIEEEEE!!!

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