Friday, January 4, 2008 salah

why do things come when they are unexpected with the utmost unprepared behaviour and then vanish into thin air all of a sudden when everything's all buckled up and ready to venture on? or why am i given hope everytime i'm about to lose it. fuck la.

i'm tired therefore i should let go. or should i?

stressnye! sum1 buy me cupcakes pls. chocolate chip without any particular designs can d. thank you.



maison was good!!! besides the very occasional breaking of glasses and non stop fantastic music. WOOT!

but i'm still not ready for classes. because it marks the final semester of my Uni days and i'm totally not prepared to face what the future prospect beholds. mainly because i dun wanna work cos working means no more holidays that stretches up to a few months or random outings with frens during bizarre hours of the day.

i'm not particularly ready either to respond to daddy's call...that is to look out for job opportunities offered by the U as they have their openings and liaisons...OR to return to TheStar cos i definitely would not wan to be under the commands of a different boss considering the tables on the department i've worked for during my internship is perfectly filled, i guess. the best choice would be sumthing he said a few weeks back that caught most of my attention and i think is the oni option sitting on my bleary brain right now. ---> to take a few months off until i'm finally ready to work...which mite probably mean nvr. :D...because of my other random plans to further my studies (to take my masters in creative media sumwhere within the region of my dreams). which in short would oni mean a big NO when i propose the idea like wat's happened when i did to nat a couple months back tat left me totally shattered and lost for a new vision.

bsides, 1 semester is not gonna help much to suddenly make me a first class honours geek. oppps...did i say geek? ok la i'm jeles my results not so good!!! so i've pledged to listen more in class this time instead of having my own conference with everyone else and to copy my own notes and keep them well instead of erm...photostating missie chia's. :D...

6 months later...i'll reread this post and prove myself rite. yay!


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