Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Of Celebrations and Joyfulness

the past a week and a half had been really blissful. which also denotes that i'm totally dry even at the dawn of the year...but it's all worth it. and to all the random rantings b4 this, fuck it la. waste my quota oni.

since all the recent pictures are only pouring in now when i'm totally sleepy (which is a good thing cos i've been sleeping at appallingly odd hours which i shall not mention exactly when jst in case any of the family members read it randomly), i shall upload events that occured last year...which actually was jst a couple weeks ago la.

mahai chan ming yang refused to upload pictures from maison. damn 7 lazy.

before that, classes have started and everyday starts at 8am. god bless me. i've not skipped any classes despite facing immense temptings. i is goooods. but althou it's jst 3 days into classes. i've already gone tipsy on a monday nite and shot up to genting for my first casino visit with frens on a wednesday afternoon. took lke a few million pictures bt they are still pending. so later la. hey, i'm not siao ok. jst that after the first week i really have to get serious with work so...mst njoy sial first. WEEE!

Mei-Ee's Birthday @ Itallianies, Pavillion

Birthday Gal and the ridiculous tradition of standing on the chair while they sing their horrendous birthday song.

tzewurn, yennee, karena, px...

yes we do love each other...althou i may not look convincing. hAhhA..we'll cheers for a fantastic year ahead okay, gal?!?!??! ;)

it has been said many times that we resemble each other. but i look bitchier. HOHO!

31/12/2007 @ Cheras

so outdated bt who cares. basically, only food...cos no1 paid attention to me when i was trying to snap the pictures, no1 wanted to snap pictures with me cos they said they look too worn out from the cooking and towards the end i was too indulged into the food i forgot all about it.

anyway, counting down this year for me had been like the color of my hair...tame. :D. cos i nvr joined any of the firework-countdown and sweating-out-like-pig celebrations bt had a warm dinner and various great views of fireworks from afar. and then, it was watching x-men with everyone and...drinking beer with the cousins and daddy. fantastic!

the pictures dont look too clear with my parkinson hands and night mode. hmm...

~Main Course~

aunt's Yam balls? no idea wat it's called but then it's like one of the family's all time favourite.

mommy's Ayam Masak Merah. can die cos kenot stop eating.

Fried Chicken. so damn good............

bob's Vinegar Pork. damn power cos he made it after work and rushed over before the dinner started. and it was mouth-wateringgggg.

there were other food too but then they did not look too appetizing in pictures.


watermelon erm...jelly? it did taste a tad like watermelon bt the coloring was super scary. but i liked it. so did daddy. so we finished it. :D

Banana Muffins...BY MOI!!! proud sial...but no1 ate. cos everyone said it's too filling to be served as a dessert. hmph. but not that i ate oso la. heh

mommy's cheesecake. confirm can sell better than those at secret recipe or the apartment okay...cos everyone insisted on having a generous helping despite being totally full. while my muffins jst laid pathetically at a corner.

so it was 12, we screamed, we hugged, we kissed...we rushed out to the garden barefooted to look at fireworks from KLCC, Stadium Sumthing and...sumwhere else and then continued eating, drinking and hoo-haing...jst that it could've been better if nat was there too.

so i suddenly realize that my 2008 is turning for a better direction and slight things like that... make me melt.


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