Saturday, January 19, 2008

17 January 2008

we planned for a week thinking of the best place to go for the nite out. so there was la bodega, there was C Club, there was modestos, there was this unidentified place in hulu langat for chinese food on stilts above water...but finally settled for Decanter. how eventful! hoho! anyway, the one in sri hartamas refurbished...the area is wider now without the weird placements of tables but the music is still very loud. but the food's still good and the beer's dirt cheap. :D

just for record purposes...FENNY LOW FFKED.

the pretty sayang making a wish. ssshhhooo ssshhhwweeeettttt...;)

monkey was the driver of the nite...she drove the HILUX. so we were all trying to watch out for cars on her behalf, had the impulse to jam on the breaks for her and to all those who saw us on the streets but we did not respond, clearly we were stressed giler babi to do so. nevertheless, she drove us back and forth safely and adventurously. *px kneels and prays to god*

the birthday gal + monkey...oh-so-glowing!

monkey + birthday gal + el...and the beer. :D

Cheers to the years, sayangssss!!!!!!!!!!

i was damn effing hungry because i never had anything down my tummy besides 2 mints...cos i woke up pretty late. woot! so this was fantastically inviting.

Stewed Lamb Cutlet for both monkey and me. the one i had for my bday basically. jst that its more tender. and i had free flow of mint sauce...that was so diluted it drowned my mutton.

Yinng's Hainanese Chicken Chop. the fries were...OMG-SO-GOOD-CAN-CRY. mayb we were all famished thats why. but it tasted better than mcd's for once.

el's cheese sumthing chicken i think. i dun remember how it tastes like. or did she even offer? HMPH!!!

bad photography!!!

anyway, one of the waiters that could still recognize me from all the kekecohan a few months back spilled mint sauce over monkey's summer dress and it was soaking into her thighs and ass so we left quite early.

totally to the disgust of monkey, we camwhored slightly in the car before leaving. jst slightly. she joined in. and see how happy she looks!! WEEE!

the cake was super delicious. cos i bought it. *grins*. and they had little cherries in btween the layers...yummm!

her family members were camera shy so it was only us cutting the cake and singing songs in random languages on the living room...floor.

and after blowing the candles, she went preparing sum drinks for us and tending to her other siblings while el and i...waited anxiously to attack the piece of inviting snowy white, fluffy black forest. :S

we had non-alco juice cos i had class the following day. we plunged our spoons directly into the cake without slicing it and it was gone in minutes. ohhh-laaa-laaaaaa

i shall stop wishing her cos i've done it more than a hundred times already. anyway, EVELINE'S BACK!!!!!!!!

can't wait for my souvenirs!!! HAhAHHAA...

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