Friday, January 25, 2008

a nite well...wasted

wednesday was thaipusam...i initially decided to be a good girl and complete my FYP.
and then suddenly i got a nudge on msn asking if i wanted to tag along for K...and i conceded.

all ur fault harry chew chun liang!!! HaHAhA...just joking jgn marah. i was totally estatic!

the karaoke is not the usual wans that we visit. u get to bring ur own food and drinks and u jst rent the room. that costs an effing rm45 per hour. *sweat*. bt then it was big enuff for us to run around...and there wasn't a remote. there was this small keyboard whre u get to key in songs, delete and 2 controls to alter the keys etc. so cool. HahAhA

KTV @ Jln Imbi

YOONS!!! chauffeured us . :D...super poor thing at the end of the nite

we had 3 bottles of wine, 1 absolute bleu and 1 malibu (tinggal sikit je la)...yoons made sangria. it tasted...ok. hehehehehe

the remote control of the day. it's lke the old video games with joystick. :D

and the session started...with occasional shoutouts like 'LET'S DRINK' and 'DOWN DOWN DOWN!' coming up all along the way.

2 bottles of wine were gone in 60 secs i guess. then the vodka came along. burnt down my freaking throat...and finally my most of it were poured sumwhere else i think cos everyone was too gone to mix and aim correctly.

and suddenly we were told that it's already 1.45. but everyone din freaking care and continued to sing...scream...yell...all sorts.

she was the only sober wan cos she only drank orange juice. wat felt lke 30 mins to us was lke 30 hours to her in an asylum. :D

spot liang's pose

i can only remember getting very high when we sang YELLOW SUBMARINE by the beatles and everyone striking the 3D LOSER pose at the end of every freaking song.

yoons, lilian, eva, liang, px, datin

datin had to hold on to me when i went to the toilet everytime cos my eyes were partially closed. and i asked if she'd lke to jaga me when i wee cos i'm afraid i'll fall into the cubicle in my heels. :D...

diva lilian!! CAN DRINK SIAL!! cos she could still walk and talk like biase. sorry i had to look liddat. nxt time take a better wan k. :D

eva. i'm lke 3 times bigger. and she is the world's best gf cos...

she cleaned liang's puke. eeek...

i plunged and buried my head in a big tesco plastic bag all the way from the karaoke till uptown. and all that came out was red wine...haih...bazir mazir lor. hehe

i could still buat posing mosing sikit...

he was dead.

yoons happy happy with my regurgitated wine. fuck

U IS THE BEST DUDE! cos he bot us limau panas and waited until everyone was 0.5% sober before sending us home. fei kejamly allowed me to walk myself up to her condo, banging on the lift and then waiting infront of the wrong house when she was unlocking her gates. and then, i passed out. i had a great nite.

and's time for my fyp. therefore, i've decided...that i shud sleep.


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