Monday, January 14, 2008


deep down inside sumwhere beneath the bricks and soil of this rented factory that i'm stepping on, i truely believe that utar hates us. because my classes start at 8am daily except friday, breaks in-btween are from 930-1230 almost every other day that leaves everyone in total despair cos it's too early to do anything and i have oni 1 class on thurs from 8-930am. booooo!

there's no1 on msn tats awake to layan me...therefore, to avoid myself from sleeping and falling off the chair in the lab, i'm blogging.

OH SUMONE NUDGED!!! *jumps in excitement*

anyway, got this from facebook and i'm doing it out of boredom cos its sumthing where i dun have to think too mch while i can warm my frozen brain and stiffed fingers from the fucking aircond, that is oni cold on cloudy days.

Your Physical Features
My eye color: Brown
My hair color: ermmm...initially it was brown too. and then sumhow i met Tonks and it's now red.
Height: 163cm i guess
Right-handed or left-handed: Right
My best physical feature: My hair? wooot
Number of piercings: 5
Number of tattoos: :(
My weight: 70? 80?...55. :S
Do you have long legs: *px looks down sadly at her feet closeby*

Your Favorites
Favorite car: Beetle!! the red. OMFG!
My perfect pizza: Plain Cheese with very very thin crust.
Favorite candy bar: Marshmallows can or not?
Favorite cartoon as a child: Cinderella. :D
Favorite sport: Swimming...badminton oso wor...
Favorite food dish: *chews fingers*...
My best friend(s): Name yourselves pls. u knw better. ;)
Favorite scent: Passion Fruit (Bodyshop)
Favorite drink: Green Tea by Yeos!
Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate by that Arabic fella at midvalley
Favorite day of the week: Friday!!!!!!
Favorite chewing gum brand: No chewing gum for px...allergic to it. :(
Favorite outfit: Anything that makes me slim and sexy. HOHO!

Recent Events
Shoes you wore today: Black beach sandals
Do you shower daily: Duh!!!!
In the past month have you drunk alcohol: Many times
In the past month have you smoked: Nope!

Personal Preferences
Pepsi or Coke: Neither
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds!!
Single or Group Dates: Group? hoho!
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Mamak limau ais
Chocolate or Vanilla: Choc forever
Cappuccino or Coffee: I...can't take caffeine too. :(
Silver or Gold: ring, gold card i dun mind...:D
Would you rather be rich or famous: Both!!! okla i'm greedy. i'll donate heartily when i'm rich i promise
Heads or tails: Heads
Kisses or hugs: Both!! super greedy...
Sweet or sour: ermm...ermmmm.....

Bad Habits
Do you smoke: No!
Do you swear: Everyday...
Do you gossip: Every hour, every minute, every second
Do you whine: When i'm emo...lorr
Do you chew with your mouth open: Ewww...but i do when the camera is focusing on me. :D
Do you spit: NO!!!
Do you bite your nails: Not really i guess...
Do you procrastinate: Totally
Do you fidget: Sometimes...i grab things and go wild.
Do you brag: Nah...i'm the world's most modest, precise and truthful girl. *HAHA*
Are you addicted to caffeine: Nah...thank god.

Your Personality
My weakness: Just 1? hmm...i think too mch.
My fears: Snakessssss...damn hailat. losing: family, frens, love...
Ever been called a tease: Ermm...hehe
Do you like yourself: Occasionally...:D
When I'm sad or down, I...rant to my frens and make them swear with me
Define yourself in 3 words...loud, louder, loudest.
Are you a very emotional person: No i choose to believe i'm not, thank you.

Do you sing: Yep!
Do you play a musical instrument: YEP!
Do you know how to swim: YEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!
Do you play any sports: omg...does that mean i'm super talented? HELL YEAHHH!!!
Do you have any unusual talents: i cant shape and S with my tongue. :S

Your Dreams
Goal you would like to achieve this year: Get my degree with at least a second upper puhh-leaseeee...*px kneels down and prays*
Do you want to go to college: I'm already in it
Do you want to get married: Duh...
What you want to be when you grow up: Someone who is loved by everyone, rich, famous and is smoking hot. yay!
Ideal girfriend/boyfriend: Looks good, speaks good, lives good, smells good and treats me very the goods.
If you could change one thing, it would be...My results...or my body? hmmm...

My heritage: 100% Chinese
Thoughts first waking up: 5 more minutes...jst 5 more.
My bedtime: the AMs...
Do you get motion sickness: Apparently not as convinced by the parents but i have terrible fear of flying
Have you been in love: Yeah...
Do you think you're attractive: YEAHHH! hmph
Do you get along with your parents: Very well
Do you like thunderstorms: Only if i can snuggle on my big, warm bed.
When you were little, you used barbie dolls and tok to myself when everyone's at work
Ever been beaten up:
Not yet...:D
Ever shoplifted: Yeah...curi-ed a tiny fragrant bead from sinma cos it was stuck on my sweaty little hands. Not on purpose oso la...

How you want to die: Warmly in my ripe old age right bside my husband.
My parents are...the best beings on earth
Do you have children: No
Do you believe in love at first sight: To a certain extend...yeah mien...
Do you have pets: A big fat wan...
Dream vacation: Maldives...
One time I got drunk and...never been really drunk to do nonsense. *bangga sial!!!*
What can't you live without: My family and friends. *hugssss*
Have you ever fired a gun: No wor...
Do you like answering these questions: Yeah i guess so. woot!
Who was the last person that called you: Miss Ang Jin Wen
Are you a good driver: I believe i am. *peace*
I am addicted damn pei...
Do you have a crush on anyone: Yeah...fuck
What is your phone's current ringtone: Happy Ending- Mika
Are you ticklish: Somtimes
The longest you've gone without sleeping: 2 1/2 days---> Courtesy Campaign...:)
What would you do with a million dollars: Spend on my family and friends
What makes you laugh: Healthy children, family and friends. ;)
Do you believe in God: Yeah miennn...
Most embarrassing moment: Tripped over sum1's leg in standart3 and fell on my fucking big forehead...and it grew 3 times the size. woot!
Have you ever moved: Yes.
What magazines do you read: (entertainment)

UPDATED: Sg. Wang sells the world's cheapest clothings after Bangkok!!! Thou slightly lala-fied and....RESULTS OUT!!! STILL ABOVE 3!!! REJOICE LEONG PEI XZAN!!!

p.s- Yinng...this is wat u call a tag. and now i'm tagging u so u'll have to do all of those questions up there. :D...njoy k!! hoho!

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