Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chapter 2...

it's slightly overdue but heck...who cares...

spotting a new hairdo...erm...hairless-do i should say, our super nice nigga drove all of us everywhere. <3 <3 <3 nigga!!! spent 15 minutes getting the mp3 for the birthday gal and rushed off for dinner. and i jst realized dressing up for a party is being overdressed for lowyat and sg wang. woot!

and i knw i knw...i've worn this top too many times.

Dinner @ Hot Mama, Sg Wang

my hero!

striking nigga pose. monkey fails. as always.

Finally!!! sohai face. tat's the best she can go. *px shakes head*

PX/Hero: Vietnamese Beef Rice *SSOOO GOOOOD*!!!
Monkey: Sum Fish...very very appetizing.
Nigga: Fried Rice. boring sial wei.

we were supposed to be at ascott b4 10.15 to keep the reserved tables but then after dinner at Hot Mama we turned round and round in circles missing the parking and etc so we reached at...1030? no idea bt her frens were already there and we took our own seats a table away from them. and since there wasn't much to do...we started...camwhoring. so typical ei?!?!

7ate9, Ascott Hotel

Hero posing mosing with my bag. sexy sial!!

them...with our drinks. :D

Uncle Jetro Ching Eu Earn my birthday partner...who disciplinedly held on to 1 killbill that lasted him the whole night. awww...good boy. ;)

intro intro gang ucsi kepada gang ck


she forced me to, althou it looked otherwise. but i did not resent cos she's yummy. :D

i'm sorry sayang if it looked more like my birthday. but i love the camera sumhow. :D

monkey gulping sum1 else's mojito

hero's camera skills suck BIG time. the CK gang with sherwi still sober

monkey & px

WE LUV U SIAL SAYANG!!!...i look damn gone. BUT I'M NOT! jst that i changed the parting of my hair. :D

i swear i knew her name!! but i can't recall. crap

the following are 3 damn layan boys that i so suka cos they came teman when i said i takut tak kenal orang and takut this and that.

mr. calvin wong @ sg. long boy!!!!!!!

baoyue the layan. WITH NEW HAIRCUT!!! *gasp*

adrian chan kah leong who tempts me with weed everytime i refuse to tag along for outings. hmph

it's really not my birthday. sorry sayang. :D

keith, px, HoHo...I REMEMBER!!!

habislah the racer image. haihhhh...everyone is exploiting my bag. hmph

BG SFX: Gone by JT...:D

we left around 2+ to Jln Ampang for shisha. bt was closed for sum god-forsaken reasons so the boys left for sri hartamas and the kajang gang left home cos...SHERWI WAS TOO WASTED TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hero had to drive her Volvo (and i jst realized it's reverse gear is like engaging first gear but u pull or sumthing)...and then he went missing a couple times cos he was figuring how to handle the humungous car. and when he finally got it, we reached home.

anyway, we had a pretty adventurous ride...exploring our ways in the car...freaking out when the touch'n'go did not work when puke was already gushing out of her mouth and her opening the door without waiting for the car to stop. *sweat*. stress giler. then we headed to Apex Mamak for roti telur, reached home b4 dawn and CRASHED.

i had a great nite sayang. told u we knw how to layan diri rite. ;)

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