Sunday, November 25, 2007

the day i was excessively pampered

even rehearsals for campaign ended early for me...i could skip the packing up session cos it was my bday eve. WOOT!

so i got to lynn's place...walked up the stairs and she came out with a box of cupcakes. then when was i was screaming in joy:

'still got'
led px to the kitchen...held up a huge bouquet of red roses. px faints.
'not i give's from linda'
'...which linda?'
' many linda frens u got?'

lindachinwoonfui, u've always been able to surprise me. so althou red roses, heart shaped cards and cupcakes of that colors are very pei indeed, i still love u byk byk. and i dun mind if they are leftovers. i still love them. :D

then we went to Decanter very quickly, parked and my sweet memory started snowballing. :)

Decanter: (21/11/2007)
Thank Yous

for being there despite the long journey and curfew. and sorry for the lack of layaning okay. i just wanted u all to be part of the big day. MWAH!

for running around hunting for my presents, secretly berbondings with my oz fren and temaning me all over before the day. u is the best!!

for coming all the way from ipoh (althou it's not on purpose but i take for granted it is) and bao yue goh, thank you for layaning everyone i accidentally left out and making the party lke a wedding dinner with the yam seng sessions. WOOT!

for all the times we've shared and for taking my dress code so seriously. (siam's tau datin gembira tiap-tiap hari boleh pigi shopping! HAhAHAHAHAH)

for taking notes when we go shopping and getting everything i wan that i can't afford. i lap u. but i wont pinjam u my bag. HAHAHAHAHA


for all the lies that u weren't coming but still turned up. :D

for coming all the way despite the fact that u have an early call the next morning. AND OMG U LOOK SO HAWT D!!! NO MORE CUTE CUTE D!! YAY!!!

for the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hamster, next time i wont wear so sexily so that u'll dare look at me while toking ok. LOL!!!

for coming. and ur gifts. and hunting for white tops. and helping me so that i can leave early. and...goes on forever la. MWAH!

i still love u no matter how irritating u go. :D

SORRY FOR MISSING U OUT! u knw i din mean it. i knw u do fishy. cos i love u and u love me. HAHAHAHAHA...opps. lol!

for layaning, saying that u'll gip up roger federer for me. i knw u won't...but i still laps u. :D

YOOKIE! u din snap a pic with me!!! hmph...thankews for handling the lambhorgini with me so that i could still njoy the nite. hugz! saw all the pix where u were...scarlet? hahahaha

siam's tau sooyin ade hati!!!!! siam's sayang!!! WEEE! hAhAHAH

for everything. it's really sweet.

for coming. and for the bottom-ups. njoy or not? :D

All the Gals

the flaming lambhorginis that burnt my lips. fun enuff to watch them make it...oni.

then, after singing the 2nd birthday song and i started losing ability to walk straight, we headed for 2nd round at redbox. so typical of us. :D

but as i was tipsy, i did the best britney spear's Gimme More VMA performance. YAY!


when everyone started to get really sleepy and couldn't wait to pass out on their beds.

the rest of the pix are...un-upload-able...especially after everyone got high of beer and screaming. :D

then back to lynn's place, mandi-ed, still had slight bit of energy to grab sum cupcakes...and crashed till nxt afternoon for class. (which i'd mistaken the time and entered 5 mins before class ended)

Night: (22/11/2007)

i was slightly late home so headed sumwhere near for dinner. we had set dinners where they served fantastic seafood chowder, prawn cocktail, daddy's meal, nat's meal...and every other meal bsides mine.

and cos my family has a tradition of singing birthday songs really loudly, we decided to bring the cake to nat's house instead.


and finally...all my gifts. nat said my frens think that i have a mentality of a 5 year old for the gifts i got. hmph. i love every bit of it okay. :D


can cry...(althou i still have no idea how it works...) I LOVE YOUs GILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to all that sent their wishes and hugs. ;)

i had a great 21st.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIA SUE LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did simon poke u? *winks* LOVE YA!!!!!! MWAH!!!

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