Tuesday, November 13, 2007

of wine and sweet words

the wedding was a blast...but i can hardly remember anything clearly cos everything went on so quickly, gan jeongly and busily. all i remember was...i had a bizarre day.

so i'll jst upload pix and if u've any questions pls go to the bride's blog and ask her okay. hehe!!

and no...it wasn't my wedding as asked by so many ppl. and my wedding won't be anytime soon as also asked by many ppl. *stones*

morning call for nat was 6...me at 630...but in the end i woke at 7.30 unwillingly cos i got horrifying news that the photographer and videographer were already on the way. holy moly...last thing i wanna do is to be shot on a wedding dvd with no makeup and shaggy hair okay. damn stress. so shot up and had my makeup done in the kitchen as the shooting was done while nat was getting all pretty-fied.

all pretty bride, daddy, mommy and me...
and another...

the groom...and the heng dais being tortured. too bad i wasn't allowed to join. i was accompanying nat in the room, only able to hear boisterous laughters from everyone without visual effects.

Condensed Milk + Air Kosong (groom said it tasted good...puik)
Bananas ( With Chillies, Sugar, Salt and Bittergourd)...heng dais completed everything in the blink of an eye.
Leg Hair Pulling (whre all the heng dais had to spend time choosing which hair to sacrifice)


and so the jam cha session went on and on and on cos everyone was really very kecoh. and the irritating new brother-in-law of mine forced me to scream jeh-foo twice in order for me to get his angpao. cis...i still love u la okay. thou i wont address u jeh-foo anymore. HAHAHAHA

daddy's side of the family that i love dearly also.
i think it took an hour for everyone to settle down so i guess the camerawoman, yinng was impatient and snapped everyone candidly. HAHA.

emo max...cos there were many many guys around but she was neglected despite being sexily dressed.

and then it was heading over to the groom's side. they had to reach before 11am (the auspicious time)...and i, as the bridesmaid, got the honour to tag along in their brand new BMW 5 series. WEEEE!

thanx fong...and if u're reading this, may u and kokfoong have a splendid new life together!!

then relatives that filled 7 tables went to a nearby restaurant for pre-booked lunch. i had sum, went home and slept for 15 mins before setting out for dinner preparations. phew...A Cut Above, Pavillion is not so good. this dim-witted senior stylist complained that my highlited hair was UNEVENLY dyed. helllooo...there're streaks of ash on my golden brown base okay. and he pushed 35 sticks on pins into my hair and left me lying lke and injured pigeon when i slept. so kenot...

then lynn and datin came to the pavillion to pick me up and we rushed to federal to prepare our scripts...and dress up. and i do not have many of the dinner pix with nat cos i was too busy. so we shall wait patiently for the photographers to post us their professional pix. but for now, see my camwhore pix first la. :D


all the way from shanghai okay...

march in time...with the flower gals...damn cute wei...

and i repeat! it's not my wedding.

** the emcees, lynnie & me : baoyue suksuk &me, kenn&me, datin&me

lynn practically spoke the whole nite cos i was doing other stuff lke liaising with the captains, waitresses, lightings, systems and..projectors (that thankfully were professionally handled by eve and yinng)...i oni did the opening. closing was completely omitted cos everyone started leaving before we could thank them.

sorry babes...no pix with u sumhow. no idea why. love u 2 byks byks!!!!! MWAH!!!

daddy & mommy...with the swan carvings...but they look more like penguins towards the end.

kevin & nat...i once tot they were gonna get married when i was a kid. tat's how close they were.

last but not least...

the siu loong paos.

more pix later k...tediousnyeee

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