Thursday, November 8, 2007

ticking the hours

i lke that title...which i think if unexplained will oni be understood by me.

as the big date is drawing closer and closer, everyone can exhibit (thanx walking dictionary) their clocks and start counting down by the hours. not months, not weeks, not days...but hours. holy moly...

so everyone who wasn't invited but who wants to send their sincere wishes can do so: HERE...anywhere there la since she doesn't own a chatbox. :D


i tagged along for a jalan-jalan day with eve and cherloyy (omg yinng this name sounds so mch nicer...teehee!!) despite looking like a shaggy dog, sleep deprived. so we headed to jack's place for erm...breakfast+lunch+tea...make that up urself, and since i was partially a vegetarian i had my shitake soup. and after much persuasion from the irritating-eve who challenged to smack me if i did not eat, i ordered this.

which freaking cost me summore. omg...but it tasted so good i stopped complaining...then...

and as there were oni 7 pieces, 2 given away, i was still craving for more therefore today after going all around to settle my business, i stopped by the mall to get myself more mushrooms and to my horror a whole fucking can cost rm2.70. confirm dun wanna go Jack's Place d.

the parents are away for a deepavali open house, the sister is away collecting her gown and i decided to stay home to reduce dining costs after spending way too mch purchasing things outa my innermost desire (which is worth it okay)...i made my mushrooms.

okayla i admit it's a bit ugly. but then it's so good i decided i'm dropping pr to be a fulltime chef. yay...

i have no other pix to post and i wanted to update therefore the mushrooms. and i think they are making me high like wat lynnie said. i'm gonna bathe to settle down. remember to leave ur wishes. thankews.

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