Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Bao Yue Suk Suk + Gwo Daai Lai

i can't exactly remember how the name came about but it suits him perfectly.
anyway, u know we love you so i'm not gonna blab a whole long post about how pervertedly funny and 'hawt' u are...*gasp*...anyway, u're by far the most foul-mouthed boy i've ever met. LOL!

What do Stars do ar, Bao Yue Suk Suk? :D

i intelligently used the candle holder to decorate the cakes. so nice hor. :D...and we din get a whole cake cos everyone said it's fattening. woot!

sorry morry datin. kepala saya besar.

poser...90% of the pix has got her in it cos she was dominating the cam while everyone was bitching around. LOL!

i knw i promised a leng chai pic. but then i kenot resist flashing to the world ur hiaoness therefore...TADAAHH!!

then we went to the apartment...nothing to shout about really. the ambience oni la. mahal sial. i still prefer delicious. HOHO!

bao yue suk suk, daai goh jai a good boy okay. :D


11/11 is exactly a week away therefore all the final preparations are pouring in lke giler babi.
the emcee has been changed due to sum unforseen circumstances and thank god for lynnie, i have a partner. WEEE!! LOVE U BYKS BYKS BABE!!!

woke up damn early this morning (10+ am is so early wei...) to welcome the soon-to-be brother in law's family coming over to deliver the gwo daai lai stuff.

i held the camera cos...i look lke a shaggy dog that jst got out of bed.

6 DAYS...

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