Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And's September

Music playing: Try to Remember
Try to remember the kind of September; When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September; When grass was green and grain was yellow.

Try to remember...what you've done the past year.
In fact...try remembering what's worth mentioning your entire life to date.

I constantly engage in such conversations with close friends. And mostly, our answers would be:
Oh wait, not generalizing. I'm talking about me. If you do know what the heck you're doing currently and love it, congratulations. You're definitely an odd one out.

Question here. Has it been scripturally written that our journey in life should be dictated in a certain way and whoever goes off course shall be shunned and banished from the lights of normalcy?

Is it abnormal to feel delirious when something out of the expectations of our parents or even when a somewhat totally absurd idea comes to mind, you have this tremendously strong urge to do it SO you just shut your senses away from what only the rest of the world think is right and just friggin do it?

Yeah. And I bet most of you would be piling up self-convincing excuses as to why they can't be done. Mostly related to money, time, work and pfft...parents. Oh wait...I'm talking about me, again.

What happened to all those adventurous dreams we had when we were little?
No, not those, 'I wanna be a doctor'. Or '...a farmer', kinda dreams. Those are for dorks. I'm saying those outrageous ones like backpacking around India or hiking up Bukit Jelutong and swimming across Lake Titiwangsa?!

-.-". See. Outrageously lame. But yes, I haven't done it yet.

Say all you want that I'm in denial, but there's still a couple months to go before I officially turn 24. And I'm hating myself for recurrently harping on the fact that I am bored and need to do something...something besides eating, working and lazing the weekends off cos I have worked hard enough on weekdays and I deserve it.


So there...I'm making a list of things that I'd wanna do. Thoughtfully to be completed by the end of year 2010, and hopefully I do not have to draw yet another conclusion to...another mundane year.

It's like building blocks of Legos from your childhood.
Never know what it'd turn out to be but then the process is fun, right?! Getting all the hinges together...forming something unknowingly and then WHAM! You get a 5-coloured staircase?!

Ok who am I kidding. I never liked Legos, I've been watching too much WongFu stuff.

N-E-ways, have a look at my list, share yours, maybe we can combine and make the remaining quarter of 2010 more colourful, aiii?!

1) Rock climbing - Everyone's been telling me how they can't lift their own bodies up. D'OH! Of course you can't. You need supporting elements like rocks, gears and finesse for it to happen. I'm so going with my once-dislocated arm. *throws fist*
2) Bungee jumping - Ok...erm...I'll do it.
3) Pick up strumming skills again. And put Tyler to good use. (Probably get a teacher...HEH)
4) Make...more videos to irritate people and have them constantly wonder why I'm weird?
5) Wakeboard again.
6) Surf on that new Lagoon platform.
7) At least ONE trip to a beach. Even's to PD. Yeah I'm simple liddat.
9) Bukit Tinggi anyone?
8) Write a song? Pfft okay who'm I kidding...

Okay there are many more random thoughts in my mind that, I'm pretty sure, will not be done this year like...flying to the states and fucking a random Hawaiian on the Oahu beach.

Just saying.

At least I know at our next high-school gathering (which I only attended once *shy*), it wont' be all about boyfriends, the non-existent excitement at work fat I've become.

This is a post randomly honour the change of my header.

Really...just saying.