Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreams of a Child

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Everyone has one.
Oh wait...some have many. Like me.

Be it, a dream job, a dream house, a dream pet, a dream boy...
Everything that's finest in the minds of a child.

However absurd it may seem, the reason to many of my childhood dream jobs were aesthetically simple.
And beautiful.
1) I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to scribble on students' books and write brutal remarks eg. Don't you know how to wirte? Do 100 times. - Spot mistake. Pfft.
2) I wanted to be a garbage collector because standing on the garbage truck seemed cool.
3) I wanted to be an artist because you get paid to draw on walls.
4) I wanted to sell tong sui at the markets because I'd have endless bowls of tong sui daily.
5) I wanted to be a mermaid.
Many more...really.

I'm such a sweet young thing.
Fucked in the mind.

Fact is, these are the matters that grownups overlook because they are bound by the restricted bubble that forgoes the fact that, simplicity is all you need in life to spell fun.

And even if all in life restricts ie; Flunks anger management test at teacher training college, quota for garbage collector reigned by foreign labourers, artists only get rich after they die etc...


I'm amazed at my own digressing skills.
All I wanted to talk about is that, Toys R'Us is definitely not a place for kids only. Unleash that 7-year old self of yours and understand the true meaning of heaven within the store.

I found mine.
I finally know what the freaking red-3D-camera-that-can-slot-in-round-films is called and...I NOW OWN IT...AGAIN!

It's called a View-Master.
And the white piece is a reel. -.-"

Now now, don't come telling me you've known it all along. *covers ears and runs*. I've been searching long enough and I shall take credit for my strength and perseverance.

I'm still missing some Casper reels. So if anyone out there is nice enough to donate a couple pieces to me, I'm pretty sure the angels will shower you with infinite love.

Now, excuse me while I pamper myself with the utmost old-school but gratifying toy of all time.
My View Master + Peter Pan reels.

P.S - I still want very much to be a mermaid.
P.P.S - I should get the NERF too. Soon. Alpha Trooper perhaps? Or the Recon CS-6?! Just to trump King Hao's.
With glowing darts. YEAH BABY!


So if you're wondering why I do these stuff,

1) I'm free
2) I'm just weird like that.

Click away. Fankew.


  1. u?! a mermaid?? WAHAHA. "double thumbs up!

  2. a garbage collector cos it's cool to stand on the truck?? hahahahahahahahahaa

    and omg! I WANT THAT VIEW MASTER TOO!!! i really should visit toys r us asap!

  3. thanks for promoting my mother a funny way!! it!!