Friday, September 10, 2010

And so...I'm a filial child

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If you haven't already known, I vowed to be vegetarian for a month some weeks back because of this.

So besides constantly having weird dreams that I speak to flabs of rare beef steaks, the month breezed by pretty quickly. And I must say that I kinda miss having that excuse to blurt out to random people when I'm only eating greens and tofu because saying 'I'm trying to lose weight' is lame.

I really love my vegetables, you should know. And it's not all about the weight.

I mean, not entirely, no. ><

So yeah, I had a mini countdown with a bunch of people at the strike of 12, and then devoured my first piece of steak today.

For free.

Boy. I love my friends. TEEHEE

On a separate note, it's cool to have rich friends that will not hesitate in paying my portion of meals. Even if they're huge.
But it's even cooler when friends have THE ultimate automobile that imposes so much threat and adversity, there's no other that can cause such an adrenaline rush.

Not a Delorean, slightly unfortunately. Would be epic if it were to be.
But this you're about to see, would give the big D a run for its money.


Okay so apparently I heard it's illegal to ride on the trunk of this little monster.
And we were approached by like an officer asking if we're up to no good.
'Kita ambik gambar je'.

So we snapped a few while he lingered on for a few minutes.
After he left, our wheels started roaring too. At 120km/h. And there we were, laid flat on our backs, facing nothing but the dark bare sky and smiling as the strong wind caressed our skins. Roughly. -.-

So now we know, what the ceiling of the tol booth looks like.

Our road trips from now on, will be done at night, with an open trunk...and very good company.
And somewhere this can be done legally.


This can totally be added to the 2010 To-Do list that I created a couple days back.

- Riding on an open trunk of a HILUX

P.S- Can he summon us now if any he stumbles upon this post by chance?


  1. Looks fun..and for me, i can't live without eating meat @@||

  2. The policeman is here. *ahem* LOL

  3. Maxloon120 - hey! yeah he's all good now. thanks! ;)

    aiwei - hey! be nice! *hands RM2.50* ROFL!!!