Friday, July 30, 2010

You're Not in Neverland

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Kate-Miller Heidke, Curiouser

I'm always paranoid.
At everything.

No, seriously. Everything.
Also, things tend to linger in my mind when I'm disturbed about certain facts about human nature.

Like why some people are so rich but they don't buy me food. simple as...why can't some people grow.

Honestly, it bothers me that I need to be make effort to initiate and sustain a conversation.
It bothers me that there is no sense of understanding within you that responsibilities at work do not end at the strike of 6pm.
It totally bothers me that you have not grown and still are a year behind time.

My patience level is running low.
With your constant random harpings, I will only bear until...
Nola you don't even wanna unleash the other side of me. Just don't la ok. DON'T.

And just try...I'm not saying you have to but...TRY to use a little of that brain cells of yours. It has been confined for a little too long.

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