Friday, August 31, 2007


anyone remember this plump little cute fella back in harry potter and the philosopher's stone?

he did not really appear much in the Chamber of Secrets so i mite as well jst skip that. then he became THIS in The Prizoner of Azkaban.
later, he was this in The Goblet of Fire
and lately, if u did go for the movie, u saw THIS in The Order of The Phoenix.
and as i was going thru sum videoes out of boredom awhile ago, I SAW THIS!!!

HOW THE FUCK DID HE TURN INTO SUCH A BOILING HOT LAD WITHIN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD?!?!?! mayb it's caused by the maggi haired fella opposite him? but no!!... is he still eligible to play Neville Longbottom ar? he's way too leng chai for that herbology proficient kid who's afraid of his own grandma wei. *drools*...

10 more days to finals. i need sum magic now.

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