Sunday, August 24, 2008

So long...

And after years of's over.
So fast can cry.
I don't think I've ever felt so proud being a Chinese. Up to a limit where I don't even detest Shenzhen anymore. Now that's pretty serious you know.

No more waking up early just to watch small boys and girls diving into the water with no splashes right after, no more cheering at the Jamaicans to beat the Americans during almost all track & field events and celebrating when they can't even make through heats or prelims (so shallow and bitchy and yet so fun!!!), no more biting on my pillowcases worrying that the gymnasts will fall during their super important landings, no more archery (UBER SAD), no more complaining about how Michael Phelps dominates the pool but still support deep down inside cos he's super power geng sial (cos no more ian thorpe)*bawls*

Oh and no more camping in the living room with the parents during dinner time supporting random teams of our own.

Can I set my blog song to 'Beijing Huan Ying Ni'?


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