Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's totally wrong to be posting on just parties. I'm not an avid clubber and i club when there's a special occasion. In other words, i'll only do it if i have enough money or a very valid reason for me to do so. Or else, i hereby announce that i'd like to stop doing so until i get my ass working in the corporate world. or unless my darlings return and it's time for a beautiful reunion. if not fuck it. babe u hear me? faster come back from singapore...AND HONG KONG and berdating with me ok? hmph. frequent moving with my heels is making my bunion worse and it hurts lke fuck!

proud or not? i know nat's gonna leave a comment laffing d. hush!

digressing, i'm not a sportswoman. i swim, i play badminton (like a kid), i bowl (when i do well in my assignments), i learnt squash, i play volleyball (i only dig), i cycle (the last time was in lower secondary around tmn muhibbah to get junkfood for south park nights), i rollerblade (and can go a few short metres without falling) and i hit the gym when i feel that i'm so fat the pictures taken can't illustrate my entire body.

but i love watching every sport (bsides lawnbowl), and the olympics is totally THE TIME OF THE YEAR TO JUST FUCKING STAY HOME AND WATCH EVERY FREAKING EVENT THAT IS ON UNTIL THE TV EXPLODES AND REMOTE JAMS FROM OVERSWITCHING!!! so it's totally wrong to be away in melaka instead of watching the opening. althou melaka was fun. LoL!

it's the time of the year when i keep making frens promise that they'll come back then we'll start training for an event for the nxt olympics. i'm gonna take up archery. its graceful and legolas-y. u wait and see. we would not have to only depend on vcdman for a medal. px and en.tinggal-satu- biji-mata will masuk finals and whack the koreans. then mayb at the same time pickup a hot jap and stay happily ever after eating yakiniku. WHOO HOO!!!

the last time i said i wanted to play badminton, i promised yinng (sorry sayang) and hero was still in msia. sekarang dia sudah jadi orang engrish and should've visited stripclubs (VISIT D OR NOT?!) and i've still not repaired my ugly grip. but i love badminton. eventhou i can't play for nuts. i put a lot of hope on our doubles cos i suka tan boon heong althou he's super lala. he has a very lean body ok. i likes. his cross court smashes made me cry they could've punctured the other eye of the mr.tinggal-satu-biji-mata at 700km/h. but then now can cry also cos he plays like a gal. so i support china je la...

so cute right or not? *nods*
then they lost to the indons. cos...cos it's an inauspicious day. or mayb because baby was sleeping. everytime that budak tido the teams that should win loses. so i shall blame the budak. XD
tmr vcd playing. if budak tidos again, i support lindan. hopefully the magic works. if vcd wins i'll support pirated vcds forever. *hopefully that won't put me to jail*

*oh mei toh fatt*

i blogged cos i was waiting for Wonderful Life to load. i found ways to dl the chaps from crunchy and upload to my ipod. i feel so contented with my intelligence. YAY!!! but i think i should buy the dvd. unless got pirated vcds la ok.

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