Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hujan kucing anjing

it's been raining since...since...dunno when.
nak keluar pun tak boleh.

stay home eating cempedaks, sending more resumes, reading about the sightings of mars that...i think i've missed. do you think it'll work if i use anne to lure the planet out again?

round and red. just like mars. :D

i'm also pathetically translating japanese websites (google is a powerhouse) so that i can understand why on earth the ratings for the latest sorimachi series is so low. walao damn sad...even reading the kanji shit that appears 1ce in every 100 sentences is enough to tell me that he sucks badly in jap. tsk tsk. help out can? he needs to support a whole family with 2 kids. LoL!

stuck at home worrying about the weekend's convocation because apparently we won't be allowed to choose the sizes of our robes, the VIPS will arrive almost after everything should be over and done with and...WE HAVE TO SHOW OUR FUCKING FOREHEADS BY STICKING ALL THE FREAKING FRINGE INTO THE MOTABOARD!!! WHO THE MOTHERFUCKER CAME UP WITH SUCH AN IDEA HAH?! NVR THINK ABOUT PPL WAN ZIT?! HEAD LIKE TENNIS COURT HOW?!?!?!??! ONCE IN A LIFETIME AFFAIR WAN ME TO APPEAR LIKE WIMBLEDON! #*($#**(#_*^...and i willfully trimmed my hair a couple weeks ahead just so that the front could be more settled and fit nicely to shadow my bulging fah loh hon kepala.


and after this month, i now sincerely pray that i'd have my job secured. everyone who'd need to leave would have done so by then and it'd b no more fun bumming around...bsides to cuddle and lie around the baby that would not reload my depreciating bank account. and may it be a huge wan. :D

PENELOPE is...okok la. just watch for james mcavoy. reese whitherspoon was gooods. and it's alright if you do not decide to catch it at the cinema. cos i didn't. just...find your way. it's already DVD clear. know what i mean? ;)

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