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Public Display of Affection or PDA as defined by Wikipedia
~is the physical demonstration of affection for another person while in the view of others. Holding hands or kissing in public are commonly considered to be unobjectionable forms of public displays of affection; however, what is considered objectionable depends on the context. For example, in places such as bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs more extreme forms of public displays of affection are rarely considered to be objectionable. In these places, acts such as grinding and french kissing are common.

Now, I honestly am thoroughly aware that I don't usually look around when I'm walking in open spaces. I either text while walking, look straight or just let my mind roam free and eventually walk into a pillar or some sort.

No, it's not inferiority complex. It's the hassle of probably bumping into someone I might know, having the opposite party wave HARD at me and me going...'who the fuck?!' due to short-sightedness.

No contact lenses now, nonono...gotta wake up wayyy tooooo earrrlllyyy for the eyes to be opened wide enough to slap the lenses on.

And nonono, no walking with glasses. Don't wanna look like sohai in the open too, no.

BUT, being a kay-poh that I was born-to-be, some things DO attract my attention and I can't help but look...because it's nice/sweet scene to look at.

Either that or it's plain gross la, I monitor and let my mind run wild in between.

For example, I was meeting Linda Chin just yesterday for Echoes of the Rainbow at Midvalley. Stuffed my earphones in, straight faced, minded my own business, walked down the escalator and...there. This Siamese couple dashed before me as though the last step of the fleet will end if they've waited a while more.

From their locked hands, they both automatically released their grip, each of their hands travelled up the other's backs, girl's head on guy's shoulder, guy's hanging in mid-air because girl was too short...and the caressing began.

It's not gross really. It was a pretty loving scene. I don't remember their faces, obviously, too engrossed with where their hands were going. And as she was stroking, I think she found out that I was paying attention to them. So, she cock-stared.

What SHE could be thinking:
1) Look what, bitch?! Never see people hug before?!
2) Whatchu lookin' at, akua?! I'm straight!
4) Fuck bitch, I wish I could have her hair and face.

OK option 4 definitely is out, I know, Shush!

So as we walked the opposite paths right after, I got me wondering...Don't you do that for the love and affection that you have for each other? And when you do that, would you give a damn if the public aka kay-pohs were looking? And if they were, would you walk right up to them to stop them from look...errr...gawking?

If you would like to avoid the public eye, I suggest, get a fitting-room, grope all you wan. Leave ruffled haired, it's's the trend. Everyone would be happy you had a good time.

Fact is this:
1) We're Asians. We grew up in a country where one would be caught for holding hands in public.
2) We were taught in school that, close contact with the opposite sex = tak senonoh.
3) We never had enough education because teachers go paiseh while explaining about boobies and balls.
4) We were bred in a country where prolly Princess Jasmine would be too sexy for the crowd
5) The book of Censorship is thicker than Agatha Christie's, "Queen of Crime".

Ok so the attention is NOT only focused on caressing and kissing and what not...a while back, I was tucked in a dark corner of a cafe, happily experimenting the fingers of he-who-must-not-be-named. Real fingers okay. Jari. Not anywhere else, excuse moi. And before I knew it, tables next to ours were staring. Hard.

No, I don't mind. I have 5 fingers on each hand, he had his, we weren't making weird noises and we weren't over-stepping their boundaries. We obediently kept our body parts to ourselves and we paid before we left. We're legal.

So stare all you want, we rock.

So, this is what I suggest:
- If you wanna show your love, do it proudly and wear a smile when others look. IF they stare, go further. Tongue if you can. They'll revolt and eventually look away. Prolly roll their eyes first but who cares.

- Try to go subtle if you're with your friends. Close ones that don't mind are fine. LIKE HOW I HAVE BEEN SURVIVING WITH SOMEONE WITH ALL THEIR PDAs AND I ACT AS THOUGH I'M BLIND *cough* LINDA CHIN *cough*.

- Those that are not so experienced will find it awkward okay. And they can't help but look. If you don't mind them looking...fine. If you do, drive home quick la can? Pity them.

- If they look, don't question them. Always go back to your roots. You is in Maraysia.

- Be understanding. Those single ones watching you will be like watching mild porn. What if they go high? How they wanna settle? Lose control hump kao the car or branch how?!


Don't tongue when you're with friends to make them look away like how I mentioned earlier. They probably won't cos they're too stoned to do so. These scenes can be traumatizing.

AND also, for those on-lookers who think that PDA is gross...



*just 5 minutes into blogging the last sentence, i get this on msn*

See what I mean by...being sympathetic?
Kesian okay these people.


I know la slow but...GASP


  1. "No, it's not inferiority complex. It's the hassle of probably bumping into someone I might know, having the opposite party wave HARD at me and me going...'who the fuck?!' due to short-sightedness."

    OMG I do the same thing! Ppl always wave afar & I can never tell who they are or if they're even waving at me so I buat tak nampak :P And then ppl will think I'm sombong :(

  2. Fong- JOM TENGOK SAMA!!! we dressup for it. i'll try getting premier tix YAY!!! panggil kakak jugak. WEEE

    Munkie- KAN?!?!?! I ALWAYS GET THAT TOO! friends say i'm rude cos i din acknowledge them. hmph

    but but but...ur eyes are fine wert, no?

  3. here even if you tongue also nobody sou 9 you ler....lesbians and gays holding hands everywhere. you blow them them meh? =P

    hehehe...yaler....MARAYSIA mah >.<

  4. u do openly, ur problem. let ppl look la! let ppl enjoy ma. ROFL...u pls go out now and tongue with ur lou gung. now!

  5. NOW?!?! don't want la....i is shy ~.~ we keep these things to ourselves onni one

  6. let's kissy kissy in public!! *wink wink*

  7. pauly - why shy shy?! u're in germany! not malaysia! FLAUNT IT! TEEHEE

    babi - find me someone and we'll foursome. ROFL