Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hachiko and Tattoos

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Imogen Heap, Ellipse (DAMN ONS)

Movie Review:

I've always had a soft spot for movies with animals. Besides snakes that is.
Cried even when I was watching Flipper. Sweat. God knows how many litres of tears I lost while watching Marley and Me.

It never crossed my mind to watch Hachiko. Oh well, it's just another sad story about a dog, like how the Japs and Koreans always do it. Double sweat.

What's it with the loyalty of dogs and dying owners? OR little children and dying faithful dogs. Triple sweat.

Anyway, heard a lot about the movie and NEVER wanted to watch until Babichen highly recommended it. Like she even gave me the link just so I can watch via Youtube on my phone. <3.

So here's my review of the heart-wrenching movie.

There...I was bawling my sockets out in the middle of the night.
It was worst than Marley and Me. Basically due to the fact that, Richard Gere's really convincing. REALLY. Within just minutes the bond between the dog and him were tightly portrayed and knitted. Then, warm tears pricked and trickled freely in like...seconds. MEHH

And adding to the fact...he's sibeh yeng leh.

So yeah. Go watch if you wanna detox. It works.


Moving on, I cut my hair again. I know. I stink.
No more WuChun, Show Luo, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian style. Not I want OK. It's the trend apparently. And it's subtle enough for the company to not fire me. Hmph.

The haircut now reminds me of Simple Jack.
You know...Ben Stiller as the retard in Tropic Thunder?

Nevermind. It'll grow.
Just in time for Hong Kong. *Prays*


This is Eddie the tattoo artist.
He does great designs. And yes, he's very much like those in Miami/LA Ink.
He's brutal.

He churns interesting topics too.
Like he was asking if Nigga was a virgin.
And how he should fuck every moving thing.

Our verdict: Go fuck a car la.

One more session and this Nigga is done.
Stay away people.
It hurts. ROFL

Eddie said all surface piercings will eventually fall off.
And there's a VERY high chance of kiloid.

Ok. No more nape piercing.
Le sigh.

Oh...weekend's over.
When's it coming again?


  1. Hachi...Hachi, richard gere calls. oh mien. i'll wait until u recover and give u the japanese version one hahahaha. Damn 7 sad.

    Your hair liddat ah? PICS PRSSS!

  2. U IS ENOUGGHHH LATER I EMO PMS HORMONAL IMBALANCED ALL COMBINED HOW?!?!? ROFL!!! Drowning myself in 70s show now to balance it up. HAHAhah!!

    Erm...seriously, reminds me of that retard. Jap i berstyling a bit oni i mengeupload k!

  3. any photos of your latest hairstyle?

  4. got...jap i post. damn funny. XD

  5. eh....apa itu on the red towel ar? >.<

  6. GUESS. XD. What you think it is? ROFL

  7. yeeeee....i thought of something very disgustiiiiiiiing~~~APA ITU?!?!